The Case Of Senator Jim Bunning: Need To Censure His Disgraceful Behavior!

Senator Jim Bunning, Republican of Kentucky, is well known in the Senate for his bizarre behavior and ugly temper. He is regarded as one of the absolute worst senators in that chamber today.

Using the power of “senatorial courtesy”, he has blocked passage of an extension of unemployment compensation, public works projects, and Medicare payments to doctors, claiming that he simply has the right to hold up action because he feels like it! Complaining that the extension legislation was not paid for, he did not see the contradiction of his own vote for budget busting legislation during his twelve years in the Senate, including massive tax cuts for the rich, and war spending without limits.

Bunning became belligerent toward reporters today, using foul four letter language, as he has done on the floor of the Senate, and also showing the middle finger to a reporter! He is an excellent example of the total lack of decency and cooperativeness that used to exist in the Senate, even when there were philosophical difference between the parties.

The Senate has become a disgrace and a divisive body that belies its long, distinguished history.

It is time for a motion of censure to be introduced against Senator Bunning to make it clear that such outrageous, arrogant behavior is not supported by the history, and the decent members of the Senate of both political parties! Bunning needs to be called to account. The fact of his Baseball Hall of Fame career is being overshadowed by his erratic, looney, disgraceful behavior!

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