President Obama’s “Plot” Against Christmas And Charlie Brown!

The mayor of Arlington, Tennessee, has become controversial over his outrageous, ridiculous accusation that President Obama, by having given his nationally televised speech from West Point last Tuesday on the war in Afghanistan, pre-empted “Charlie Brown’s Christmas” on television as part of a “Muslim conspiracy” against Christmas!

Mayor Russell Wiseman obviously has an inappropriate last name, as he calls Obama a Muslim, and sees his speech timing as related to his supposed Muslim faith.

As it is, any Presidential speech pre-empts shows on television, but “Charlie Brown’s Christmas” is being shown two more times before Christmas, has been aired every Christmas on television, and is also available on DVD.

For a mayor of a small town or any community to make such an insane statement, and to top it off, on Facebook, shows how low we have fallen in the quality of officeholders that small towns elect. Do they really know the quality of who they elect, or is this a commentary on small towns?

But then again, Sarah Palin was Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, a small town, and look how far she has gone! 🙂

2 comments on “President Obama’s “Plot” Against Christmas And Charlie Brown!

  1. Tate December 11, 2009 8:33 pm

    I would agree,

    American’s are idiots who would cry about a Christmas special being interupted and then follow any nut-job that comes out with a statement like this.

    People, there will be no future Charlie Brown episodes in the future if we don’t get our stuff straightened out and wake up as a population!

    The again, there was the day when I have ordered a #1 at McDonalds only to get home and find that they mistakenly put a #2 in the bag. I went back and “popped some caps” in everyone involved. 🙂 See how stupid this sounds?!?!?!

    There are so many opportunities to talk about Tennessee…but I will bite my lip here. Ok, ok….a few facts and one darn-good joke…

    Current Tennessee Laws:

    You can’t shoot any game other than whales from a moving automobile.

    Hollow logs may not be sold.

    Any person crippling, killing or in any way destroying a proud female dog that is running at large shall not be held liable for the damages due to such killing or destruction.

    More than 8 women may not live in the same house because that would constitute a brothel.

    It is illegal to use a lasso to catch a fish.

    “Crimes against nature” are prohibited.

    Stealing a horse is punishible by hanging.

    Driving is not to be done while asleep.

    The age of consent is 16, but 12 if the girl is a virgin.

    It is legal to gather and consume roadkill.

    Tennessee Joke of the Day:

    A Tennessee town has implemented a full-size plastic cutout of a police officer to remind drivers that the police are watching.

    Unfortunately, the cutout was recently recalled to China, leading to a 300% increase in speeding, jaywalking, and sheep sodomy.

    Thank you, thank-you….I’ll be here all week 🙂

  2. Ronald December 11, 2009 9:31 pm

    Tate, you have me totally with my mouth open about those Tennessee laws! I never realized Tennessee was that outrageous, and the butt of jokes too! 🙂 I prefer to see Tennessee as the state that once elected Al Gore, Sr. and Al Gore, Jr. to the US Senate. But then again, that is a LONG time ago! LOL

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