Day: December 15, 2009

Howard Dean Wrong To Call For Abandonment Of Health Care Reform

Former Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean has denounced the health care legislation being considered by the Senate because of the likelihood that there will be no public option or Medicare alternative for 55-64 years old, in order to keep the support of Joe Lieberman and get a bill passed.

While I am very unhappy at the dominant role that Lieberman has, to abandon the whole idea of health care reform now would mean the likelihood of no reform at all during this presidential term, and possibly for a long time.

As I see it, it is better to get incremental reform than no reform at all, and to cover millions more of those who are not insured.

It is tough to say that compromise is necessary, but realistically it is the only alternative, and President Obama senses that, and in this, he is, I think, a realist and a practical man.

Once this legislation is passed, an effort can be made over time to strengthen the law, with the most important issue now being to accomplish the passage of legislation that, finally after nearly a century since Theodore Roosevelt first suggested it, will move toward the goal of universal health insurance coverage.