Day: December 8, 2009

The Obscenity Of Our Wars In Afghanistan And Iraq: One Percent Of Americans Sacrificing

Bob Herbert, an Op-Ed columnist for the NY Times, makes an excellent case for the obscenity of our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He points out that less than one percent of our population is in the military, and that the same small percentage keeps on sacrificing by having numerous tours of duty in one or the other nation, with most Americans not giving it a thought, and not contributing anything to the war effort except making patriotic statements that they back the men and women who are there and want them to have all of the military equipment they need to fight for us.

But without a draft, and the stubborn unwillingness to pay more taxes, and with our government not requiring any kind of sacrifice by 99 percent of the American people, it means we as a nation are immune to what war means–the fact that many military people either die, or return with major physical and mental problems from their combat tours, while we go on our merry way living the American dream, without any commitment at all to our country, except to make money and practice materialism and greed as a motivator.

We are fighting wars with the equivalent of a small group of dedicated Americans who care about their country and its security, while most of the country has no concern because there is no draft and no tax burden.

One way to make Americans realize what we are doing overseas would be to reinstitute the draft or impose a war tax. If nothing else, having young Americans serve in the Peace Corps or start a new Civilian Conservation Corps as alternatives would make the American people begin to appreciate their responsibility to the nation and remind us of the nation that would not be what it is now without the massive sacrifices of past generations.

Sarah Palin As A Third Party Presidential Candidate?

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has hinted that she might consider a third party run for President in 2012 if the Republican party does not become conservative enough for her taste.

Were she to do that, it would create a real “wild card” in the 2012 race, as there is no doubt that she has a base of supporters, fanatical enough to wait up to twelve hours to meet her at a book store and have her sign their copies of her best selling memoir.

Palin could really harm the GOP were she to bolt the party in 2012, and assuredly, it would help President Obama’s reelection campaign.

It could be that Palin realizes that the Republicans would be extremely unlikely to nominate her for President, so she might take the third party route. Conceivably, she could be a third party candidate who could win one out of every five voters nationally, as Ross Perot did in 1992. But it is highly doubtful she would win any electoral votes.

But again, the Republican party nominee would be likely to be harmed heavily by a Palin third party candidacy.