Day: December 4, 2009

Sarah Palin Is At It Again! Being Irresponsible!

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is on a book tour, and already has sold a million copies of her memoir, which has been shown to be factually inaccurate, and vindictive toward the staff of her running mate last year, Senator John McCain. She is very good at blaming everyone for their transgressions, but failing to see her own shortcomings.

Now, however, she is, seemingly, encouraging the continuation of the “birther” movement, which continues to claim that President Obama was born in Kenya, not the United States, and therefore is an illegal immigrant who has no right to sit in the Oval Office. She told a conservative talk show host that those who believe in the conspiracy theory have the right to continue to contest his birth, even though later on Facebook, she seemed to backtrack on her statement of her own doubts about Obama’s birthplace.

What Palin is doing, however, is encouraging whackos and nut jobs to continue to promote hate, hysteria, and lies! And while she is at this game, I suggest that we revive an investigation into her husband Todd, who we KNOW was a member of the Alaska Independence Party, which is a right wing group that advocates the secession of Alaska from the Union!

This was lightly brought up in the 2008 campaign by the Democrats, but then dropped as not really relevant. But if Palin is willing to continue to discuss the “birther” conspiracy, then we need to hammer home that her husband was ready to break the US Constitution, promoting secession, which was resoundingly defeated in a Civil War which killed two thirds of a million men in the name of upholding the Union.

Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, led the struggle to preserve the Union, but Sarah Palin, also a Republican, has a husband who was involved in what could be termed by many people as “treasonous” activities which Sarah has never explained!

Ok, Sarah, how about explaining this, or will you, as usual, blame the media for bringing it up, and say it is a “gotcha” moment? Hmmm, how about it, Sarah! Speak up! Defend your husband’s action, which you well know you cannot do! 🙁

Signs Of Progress! Unemployment Rate Declines In November!

For the first time since the Great Recession began in December, 2007, the unemployment rate has declined!

Compared to the hundreds of thousands of jobs lost every month, and 7.2 million lost in the past year, the month of November shows only 11,000 jobs lost and the rate declining from 10.2 percent to 10 percent.

Professional and medical jobs are up, which again shows the power of education. But job losses in construction and manufacturing are also lessening, which is a good sign.

It is hoped that the unemployment rate peaked last month, and that the 10.8 percent unemployment rate of 1982 under the Reagan Administration will not be matched or surpassed!

This news comes just after the Jobs Summit at the White House yesterday and the President on the road today in Allentown, Pennsylvania, promoting the job agenda in public meetings.