Russell Wiseman

President Obama’s “Plot” Against Christmas And Charlie Brown!

The mayor of Arlington, Tennessee, has become controversial over his outrageous, ridiculous accusation that President Obama, by having given his nationally televised speech from West Point last Tuesday on the war in Afghanistan, pre-empted “Charlie Brown’s Christmas” on television as part of a “Muslim conspiracy” against Christmas!

Mayor Russell Wiseman obviously has an inappropriate last name, as he calls Obama a Muslim, and sees his speech timing as related to his supposed Muslim faith.

As it is, any Presidential speech pre-empts shows on television, but “Charlie Brown’s Christmas” is being shown two more times before Christmas, has been aired every Christmas on television, and is also available on DVD.

For a mayor of a small town or any community to make such an insane statement, and to top it off, on Facebook, shows how low we have fallen in the quality of officeholders that small towns elect. Do they really know the quality of who they elect, or is this a commentary on small towns?

But then again, Sarah Palin was Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, a small town, and look how far she has gone! 🙂