Thanks, But No Thanks To Joe Lieberman! :( The “Deficit Hawk” Hypocrite

Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman has declared that he will support bringing the Health Care bill to the floor of the Senate, but will vote to prevent the passage of any version of a “public option” because he has suddenly become a “deficit hawk”.

Interesting that here we have a senator well known for his advocacy of spending as much as it takes to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, but if one suggests that a “public option” be offered on health care, even with the right of states to reject it, then suddenly he is a “deficit hawk” who sounds, suspiciously, as if he should be a Republican. And after all, he DID support John McCain in last year’s presidential election.

As stated before, it is time for the Democrats to stop pussyfooting and invite Senator Lieberman, a very different man than when he agreed to run with Al Gore in the 2000 Presidential election, to leave the party caucus, as he has repudiated the party that invited him back in after his independent race in 2006 and his backing of Senator McCain over Senator Obama last year. And take away his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee! Goodbye and good riddance! 🙁

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