Great Moment Of Triumph For Gay Americans: The Hate Crime Bill Will Become Law!

This is a moment of great triumph, as finally gay Americans are protected by inclusion under Federal Hate Crime legislation, added to a defense appropriations bill today!

President Bush had been unwilling to sign such a bill, but President Obama will sign the bill as a first step on his mission to promote gay rights in America.

So now a person can be prosecuted by the federal government for assault on anyone because of sexual orientation or gender identity. This is in memory of Matthew Shepard, a gay Wyoming teenager beaten to death in 1998.

Some religious groups are concerned that someone could be prosecuted for language condemning homosexuality, but that is totally silly. The only thought that comes to mind, however, is why would a “religious” person promote hate, rather than tolerance, of others? This is the contradiction in so called “religious” people that they are often willing to promote hate and intolerance rather than open up their hearts to the idea that while they may disagree with a lifestyle, they should not be promoting narrowmindedness and hate because of their personal viewpoints. Religion should not preach hate, but love of thy fellow human being, whether or not one agrees with his or her way of life.

2 comments on “Great Moment Of Triumph For Gay Americans: The Hate Crime Bill Will Become Law!

  1. Mike October 23, 2009 11:58 am

    Dr. Feinman-
    As you may know, I am a Christian and I support legislation such as this. However, I absolutely fear that sometime in the future one could be prosecuted for verbally condemning the homosexual lifestyle. This does not mean “hate”, but only an act of love that attempts to sort of “warn” homosexuals that their lifestyle could very well be distasteful in the eyes of God. I certainly do not hate gays I just simply believe that their lifestyle not right. I love them as perhaps anyone else, but it is my job as a Christian to teach the truth; not forcefully, only pointing it out. I have experienced times before in which I was accused of “hate” for only showing disapproval for their sexual orientation. You could be right that this will not translate into condemning language but I am not so sure. There have been reports that in Canada that a journalist who condemned homosexuality in an article was fined thousands of dollars and sentenced to 5 years in jail. I mean, I know that we are better than Canada but I cannot help but worry…

  2. Ronald October 23, 2009 12:26 pm

    Attorney General Eric Holder has made the statement that only action, not speech, will be prosecuted under this law. I would not worry about it, as you certainly have a right to your beliefs, and if invited, to express them. However, I do not think it is your place to intrude on other people’s privacy and to tell them they are wrong, if they are not asking your view.

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