Dick Cheney And Afghanistan

Dick Cheney, as Vice President, failed to promote a major effort to win in Afghanistan after September 11, as he helped to push President George W. Bush to intervene in Iraq, taking the eye off the ball, so to speak.

Now Cheney has reared his ugly head again to denounce President Obama for “dithering”, that is, delaying a decision on major troop increases in Afghanistan. Interesting, as Cheney and Bush failed to send adequate troops to either Afghanistan or Iraq, which has led to failure in both wars.

Cheney has a lot of nerve, and the best thing for Obama to do is totally ignore the former Vice President, as he has lost all credibility when it comes to making judgments in the war on terror. His only solution seems to be to utilize torture, which has undermined the US image in the world and put our soldiers on any battlefield under greater threat of equivalent treatment.

President Obama is smart in not letting the attacks of a repudiated Vice President affect his decision making timetable. The hope is still that Obama will realize that more troops are not the answer, and that to have a successful Presidency, he must stop committing major expense and troop levels in a war that cannot be won by soldiers on the ground. Again, Afghanistan is not a place for victory and never has been! Do you hear, Dick Cheney, what is being said? Enough is enough! 🙁

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