The Growing Role Of Senator John Kerry In Foreign Policy

When Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts lost the 2004 Presidential election, it seemed as if he would be a forgotten figure, an also ran who failed to win the White House and receded into the background, never to be significant again.

Instead, Senator Kerry has become a very important figure, as the election of Barack Obama led to the promotion of Senator Joe Biden to the position of Vice President, and to the selection of Senator Hillary Clinton, Obama’s opponent in the primaries, to the position of Secretary of State.

This series of developments led to Kerry being elevated to the chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which had been headed by Biden, and Kerry is making the most of this opportunity.

Taking the advice of the late Senator Edward Kennedy in how to make a loss a way to advancement, as Kennedy had experienced after losing the presidential nomination to President Carter in 1980 but making the most of it in pursuing a more important career path in the Senate, Kerry has become a major player in foreign relations and is regularly consulted by the administration.

Kerry makes a good point, already enunciated as well by Rahm Emanuel, the White House Chief of Staff, that until the Afghan national elections are settled, it cannot be expected that more troops will be sent, if at all. We are still awaiting the final determination, not only of that election, but of what US policy in the future will be toward that nightmare situation in Afghanistan.

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