Sarah Palin To Campaign For Rick Perry: How Low We Have Gone In American Politics!

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has agreed to campaign for embattled Texas Governor Rick Perry in his March 2010 primary fight against Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

So a woman who has become the favorite of the extreme Right now will speak up for a governor who is trying to cover up a mistake on capital punishment, and has spoken up in support of secession of his state from the United States!

Is there anything more insane than this? These two mediocrities, these two embarrassments to our political system, these two examples of the dumbing down of American politics are working in support of each other, as if they have a positive message for their states and for America.

While we are at it, I suggest that Governor Perry invite South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, Nevada Senator John Ensign, Louisiana Senator David Vitter, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and even former Idaho Senator Larry Craig to come and campaign for a “true conservative”!

IF this is the conservative alternative in America, then the Republican party is in for a bigger defeat in 2012, and maybe the end of their party as the opposition. Maybe a new moderate centrist party is in the offing as the challenge to the Democrats. We shall see!

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