Mixed Race Couples And A Louisiana Judge: Is This 2009 Or Fifty Years Ago?

It is hard to believe that a Justice of the Peace in Southeastern Louisiana refused this past week to perform a marriage ceremony for a mixed race couple, a white female and an African American male.

Are we back in the years before the civil rights movement? Is this refusal another commentary on the fact that our President was the product of a mixed race couple?

Is this another sign of the Old South continuing to rear its ugly head, one of not just anti black, but also anti Jewish, anti Catholic, anti immigrant discrimination?

One has to wonder why this issue has arisen now, when interracial marriages were declared constitutional by the Supreme Court in 1967.

Thank goodness for one fact: No one in today’s political climate is going to remain silent and cover the reputation of a racist bigot. At least, such vermin are fully exposed, but it is a sad day that in the year 2009, we can have such a demonstration of racism and bigotry by an elected official, a part of the court system.

What is necessary now is prompt, swift action to remove this disgrace of a judge from public office! Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu has called for his removal, but we have not yet heard from Republican Senator David Vitter. Hmm, one wonders why?

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