Health Insurance Company Abuse Supported By Several States Regarding “Domestic Violence”

As part of the health care reform being considered by Congress, the push is on to ban “domestic violence” against women as a “preexisting condition” that prevents battered women from being eligible to be covered.

Is there anything more venal and disgusting than this? And to think that several states still allow that to be a factor in limiting health care coverage! The guilty states, which should be ashamed of themselves, include Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho, plus, unbelievably, the District of Columbia! How in the world can any state or jurisdiction allow this? How can we, in good conscience, allow in the past, present or future that any health insurance company is permitted to justify this in the name of decency?

This is another reason why, despite great fears by many people and most conservatives and Republicans, that we cannot continue to allow health care to be totally controlled by private corporations and backward states that have no concern for human dignity!

The federal government option MUST be offered so that everyone in this country is allowed to have dignity when it comes to health care!

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