Saturday Night Live Unfair To Obama After Only Nine Months

Saturday Night Live, which has often had a great impact on public viewpoints about politics, was unfair to President Obama this past weekend, when the show made it out that Obama has accomplished NOTHING–NADA in his nine months in office.

Obama came into office in the most difficult circumstances since Franklin D. Roosevelt, and to expect major results in the short period of nine months, and with total refusal by the opposition party to cooperate on anything, is unjust and unrealistic.

On many issues, Obama has taken the lead and is working on trying to bring positive results, but the website Politifact has pointed out that many policies are in process and more time is needed before one can say that nothing or little has been accomplished. But meanwhile, the right and the left are on the attack, and Obama is having to deal with the kind of negativity that has occurred in other times, including the era of FDR.

So my answer is to ignore the criticism and humor of Saturday Night Live and to charge ahead with purpose, as the President is moving in the right direction, but patience and fortitude are required.

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