Sarah Palin And The “Base”: Does She Have A Future Nationally?

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin continues to be the center of attention, despite her resignation as Governor this summer.

She is still being speculated about as a possible Presidential candidate in 2012, despite her thin credentials. She continues to have a loyal fan base, while much of the country looks at her in disbelief, and many cannot stand listening to her speak.

Most Republicans with any sense in their heads fear that she could possibly win the GOP nomination for 2012, and the former McCain campaign manager thinks she would be a total disaster for the party, and would lead to a landslide on the level of the Barry Goldwater defeat in 1964.

But Sarah Palin needs to thank John McCain for her good future and present success. Just over 13 months ago, she was a nobody. Now, hard to believe, she is a best selling author of a memoir that is not due to be out until November 17, but is already number one on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, based on preorders, and selling better than Ted Kennedy’s memoir.

To compare Kennedy to Palin, and have her more successful in an unpublished book over a book already published by one of the greatest senators of all time, is a sign of the rapid decline of common sense and intelligence in this country.

It is indeed an indication of the decline of this country, and a desire to live in the past, rather than the future. The odds are good that Palin will seek the White House, and it will be the most interesting story of the next election cycle.

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