Vice Presidential Debate

Tim Kaine Proves He Is Excellent Vice Presidential Choice, As Much As Walter Mondale, Al Gore, And Joe Biden!

Tim Kaine proved how great a choice he was for Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential running mate, in his debate last night with Mike Pence.

Pence was pitiful in his inability to defend Donald Trump’s words and actions, and his refusal to release his tax returns. Kaine clearly won the debate with his arguments, his aggressiveness, and his personality, while Pence was a “sleepy” and “low energy” opponent.

And yet, the Republicans are claiming they “won” the debate, and in fact, did, according to a CNN poll by 48 to 42, which is seen as simply the fact that Pence was more stable in his performance than Trump was in the first Presidential debate.

But many observers are saying Pence did more to help himself in a future potential Presidential bid in 2020, than he was able to improve Donald Trump”s public image.

It is clear that Hillary Clinton won the first Presidential debate, and her lead has surged to five to six points in most polls in “swing” states, with only Iowa and Ohio among “swing” states as outliers at the moment.

Tim Kaine is in the tradition of previous Democratic Vice Presidents Walter Mondale, Al Gore, and Joe Biden!

A Real Choice For The Future: Tim Kaine Vs. Mike Pence, One Of Whom Could Be The 46th President Of The United States!

Little attention has been paid by news media to the upcoming Vice Presidential debate, but it really does matter.

One of these two men–Virginia Democratic Senator Tim Kaine or Indiana Republican Governor Mike Pence–will be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, and with their “boss” being either the second oldest or the oldest President at inauguration, that raises the possibility of succession, either by natural causes or by the hated thought of assassination, something that cannot be limited as a potential possibility in a very unsafe environment, both domestic and foreign.

And even if everything goes well, either man could be the heir apparent, and run for the Oval Office four or eight years hence.

It will be interesting to see their body language, their expressions, their knowledge level, their depth, their personality, as neither is known well by the general public.

While both can be said to be basically competent for the job they seek, a look at the public record and utterances of both makes clear that Tim Kaine is, by far, the preferable choice, as he is a mainstream Democrat, while Pence is connected to the right wing of the Republican Party, and has consorted with the Tea Party element in the party in his earlier years in the House of Representatives. Pence has come across as mean spirited, as in the case of an African American man convicted without just cause, finally gaining his freedom with a reversal of his wrongful conviction, but wanting a complete pardon so that his record is expunged, and unable to move ahead in his private life until such happens. But Pence is slow and reluctant to do anything, and one has to wonder, if the race of the individual is a factor.

Being willing to support Donald Trump, no matter what he says or does, might be understandable for a running mate, but it also indicates a lack of principle in asserting his own freedom from the most outrageous Presidential nominee in American history.

Kaine, by comparison, is a humane, decent, genuine, sincere man, who works well “across the aisle” in the Senate, and is admired and liked by many Republican Senators. He has social compassion for the poor, as when he did church work in Honduras, and learned the Spanish language. This is the kind of a man we need to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, and one can be sure he will be utilized by Hillary Clinton effectively, as has been the case with Joe Biden under Barack Obama, Al Gore under Bill Clinton, and Walter Mondale under Jimmy Carter.

Conservatives, Republicans, And Basic Knowledge: Science, Mathematics, History, Economics, Spelling And Grammar, World Diplomacy

Many Republicans and conservatives, whether in Congress, the news media, think tanks, or just ordinary citizens, have a real and fundamental problem with basic knowledge. It makes one wonder where they were when they were young, and supposedly being educated, and the indications that they have learned nothing new as adults.

Consider the field of Science, with many of the Republicans and conservatives believing in creationism, the BIble theory of creation, that claims the earth is maybe 10,000 years old at the most, and that dinosaurs walked with man, with a Creationist Museum open to the public in Kentucky, near the border with Cincinnati, Ohio. There is complete denial of Charles Darwin, to the point of total craziness.

Also, there is the failure of these people to accept that there is global warming and climate change, despite so much evidence that there is a problem, and refusal to plan for the future on the basis that we are facing a long range threat, with Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma being the political leader of the “deniers”.

But also, many Republicans and conservatives seem to have their own version of the process of pregnancy and what is a rape, as for instance, defeated Senate nominees Todd Akin and Richard Mouroick.

But let’s move on from Science to Mathematics, and we are talking here about basic math, arithmetic, not geometry, trigonometry, or calculus. Many members of the GOP, including Paul Ryan, claim a magical system of numbers to come up with their budget plans, but as Joe Biden said to Paul Ryan in the Vice Presidential debate, it does not add up!

Then we move on to history, and the image that America is the greatest nation in history, and has never made a mistake, never needs to apologize, has no faults or shortcomings that anyone needs to learn about. And our exceptionalism is enough to wave in the faces of all nations around the world. Why should we teach or learn about slavery, mass murder of native Americans, discrimination against Jews and Catholics and other immigrants, the exploitation of labor by corporations, the destruction of our environment, the corruption of many politicians over our history, the war crimes committed by our troops in many wars, and so on? NO, that is unpatriotic, and instead we must sanitize all historical learning!

And the field of economics is another area of believing that the best system is NO regulation, and the promotion of Adam Smith’s Laissez Faire economics, expressed in the Wealth Of Nations, and if there is poverty or other human suffering, that is the way it was intended by God, so the promotion of Social Darwinism, the one time Darwin is utilized by these KNOW NOTHINGS!

Spelling and grammar do not matter, as many Tea Party radicals who hold rallies show their total ignorance of all subject matter, and cannot express themselves appropriately, and in a respectable manner! They march with signs that are misspelled, as with the Secession signs now being brandished by many of these characters, who are upset with the Obama victory last week!

World Diplomacy, the whole idea of trying to relate to other countries in a respectful manner, is also insignificant to many, who believe the answer is to BOMB everyone you do not agree with, throw our weight around, and not give a damn about how the world perceives us!

This ignorance and stupidity is totally unacceptable, and the Republican Party and the conservative movement needs to purge itself, or go into the dustbin of history!

Total Slaughter Of Mitt Romney In Last Presidential Debate!

Barack Obama won a total victory in the last Presidential debate tonight, what could be called a slaughter!

Romney was obviously uncomfortable, and his typical smirk disappeared, and he ended up agreeing on most subjects discussed with the President.

Romney contradicted past positions, and seemed totally unprepared, while Obama had his best debate performance yet.

Romney was tongue tied at times, and spent time looking at his wife in the front row, and one could sense that he was wishing the debate was over, as in his heart, he realized he was out of his league by the midpoint of the debate.

Of course, the spin will be that Romney did very well, but the public opinion polls will not show that, and for anyone to claim that Romney “won” this debate would be evidence of hallucination.

Yes, Romney won the first debate. Yes, the second debate was close, but Obama won.

On this third and last debate, as with the Vice Presidential debate, the Obama-Biden tandem won handily, and they will be reelected on November 6, and be re-inaugurated President and Vice President on January 20, 2013!

Positive Signs For The Obama Campaign And The Democrats

With 23 days to go to the Presidential Election of 2012, the situation is improving for the Democrats and Barack Obama.

The evidence includes the following:

Joe Biden went on the offensive against Paul Ryan, and demonstrated the falsehoods and deceptions promoted by Ryan and his running mate, Mitt Romney.

Barack Obama is working more diligently at debate preparation, and the Town Hall format of the second Presidential debate at Hofstra University in New York on Tuesday favors his strengths, as compared to Romney.

Early voting statistics in Ohio indicate a massive lead for Obama, a very encouraging development. And no Republicans has ever won the Presidency without Ohio, and the Electoral College still favors the President in most scenarios, as he only needs to win two to three of nine states considered “swing” states, to secure 270 electoral votes.

The Democratic Congressional Committee raised twice the amount of the National Republican Congressional Committee in August.

The Obama campaign has gained a grand total of 4 million contributors to their effort, the most in history.

Many incumbent Republicans are facing tough reelection campaigns, including Michele Bachmann, Steve King, Joe Walsh, Eric Cantor, Allen West, and even Paul Ryan.

The odds of a continued Senate majority for the Democrats are increasing.

The chances of a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives are also increasing, with Democrats rating higher in public opinion polls about Congress, than the Republicans.

Of course, the situation will remain fluid, and there could be last minute changes, but right now, things look promising on all fronts!

The “Older” Democratic Generation Vs. The “Younger”, Ignorant Republican Generation—Biden Vs Palin And Ryan!

People who claim to be knowledgeable about politics, if they are Republicans, love to make fun of Vice President Joe Biden, emphasizing his flubs, his errors, his blunders, as if he is the only politician who is imperfect!

And they love to talk about the brilliance of Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan, as if they are both intellectuals who have real solutions to America’s problems!

Then, they are secretly embarrassed by the total ignorance and stupidity of Sarah Palin, and by the lack of details and facts and accuracy of Paul Ryan, but of course spend time attacking Biden for his refusal to suffer fools quietly!

Yes, Joe was more respectful of Sarah Palin, because, after all, she was a woman, and one had to think about antagonizing a very large constituency which might not like what seemed like male chauvinism.

But Biden was not about to suffer the silliness of Paul Ryan, who claims to be a great intellectual expert on budgets and conservative philosophy, even though he did not even understand the truth about the life of Ayn Rand, his long held ideal ideologue, that she was an atheist, who would look with disdain on Ryan’s hard hearted Catholic viewpoint, that one should not concern oneself with the poor, therefore coming into conflict with the millions of Catholics who believe the true message of Jesus Christ, to care about the poor!

So Joe laughed and challenged the “malarkey” of Ryan, more than was the case with Palin.

But what comes out of both debates of Biden with the “best” the Republican opposition had to offer, is that he WON the debate over both of them handily!

This shows that the “older” generation of Democrats, often ridiculed, understands America and the lives of ordinary Americans far better than the ignorant and arrogant “best” of the GOP “younger” generation!

Just as the fear of a Palin Presidency helped defeat John McCain in 2008, the fear of a Ryan Presidency will help defeat Mitt Romney in 2012!

Were an emergency or tragedy to occur, we would want the experienced, knowledgeable, and yes, brilliant, Joe Biden to be ready to take the reins of the Presidency!

Joe Biden Shows “Cajones”, And Right Wing Goes Nuts: Sore Losers!

Vice President Joe Biden showed last night that he had “cajones”, in his debate with Paul Ryan, and the right wing is going nuts, demonstrating that they are sore losers!

Fox News Channel and other right wing spokesmen are furious because Biden laughed, smirked, gestured, ridiculed, and interrupted Paul Ryan, due to the fact that Ryan was making ridiculous statements, full of lies and deceptions!

Biden was supposedly disrespectful, rude and condescending, according to these right wingers, but if one looks back at the past four years, there have been innumerable such displays visited upon President Obama and Democrats in general, and now FINALLY, the gutsy, courageous Vice President decided to give the Republicans a dose of their own medicine!

The right wing only likes it when they can go on the attack, but cannot take the same attack when it is visited against them! They are crybabies and wimps, and a pitiful example of what the conservative movement has become in America! All it is interested in is rhetorical assassination of the character and principles of our President and Vice President, because they have no alternative case that does anything other than to continue to help the super rich at the expense of the middle class and the poor!

The answer is for Barack Obama to adopt similar tactics to those of Joe Biden, and no longer be turning the other cheek. No more MR NICE GUY, because sadly, but in truth, NICE GUYS FINISH LAST!

It is time to go on the offense, and dish out what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have been doing all along. There is no need to apologize for supporting what is best for the vast majority of the American people.

It is time to say to Mitt Romney’s face, in the next two debates, that he is a liar and a deceiver, and to make clear that the President is taking off the gloves, and is ready to fight for what he believes in, and to defend his record in office without shame!

This is a winning strategy, and the right wing knows it, which is why they are so furious at Joe Biden!

The Biden-Ryan Debate: One Of The Most Memorable Debates In History!

The Joe Biden-Paul Ryan debate last night will go down in history as one of the most memorable, most lively, most stimulating debates in the history of Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. The two men were aggressive and challenging toward each other, and kept the pace of the debate going well, with the excellent assistance of moderator Martha Raddatz!

With most observers seeing a fairly even division as to who won, a lot of it based on one’s own ideological leanings, one can say both candidates came across as intelligent, knowledgeable and competent to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Ryan can be seen as another life long public servant in national politics, entering Congress at age 28, similar to Joe Biden entering Congress at age 30. The two men are diametric opposites, but certainly have the equal ability to stir their bases, and one could imagine Ryan having a long career in Congress and being a factor in Presidential politics for the long term future, similar to what Biden has had in his long career of distinction.

Since both stir animosity in the opposition, and each is very willing to be confrontational in a pleasant manner, one must wonder if either could ever win the White House, but it is not impossible to imagine the two men facing each other four years from now in the Presidential Election of 2016. Stranger things have happened—such as:

Richard Nixon coming back from defeat in 1960 to be elected in 1968.
Jimmy Carter coming from oblivion to be elected in 1976.
Ronald Reagan, after being defeated for the nomination in 1976, coming back to be elected at the oldest age first term of any President in 1980.
Bill Clinton coming back from revelation of a sex scandal to be elected in 1992.
George W. Bush winning the Presidency based on a disputed election count in 2000.
Barack Obama, coming out of “nowhere”, to become our first African American President in 2008.

Paul Ryan: Does He Have A Future In Presidential Politics?

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, received the most exposure he has ever had in the Vice Presidential debate last night.

Sadly, he told 24 myths in 40 minutes, and seemed uncomfortable at times, but considering his challenging one of the most experienced and qualified Vice Presidents in history, Joe Biden, he certainly came across as competent and able to hold his own in debate. Compared to other Republican Vice Presidential nominees, including Sarah Palin 2008 and Dan Quayle in 1988 and 1992, he came across well enough.

Does Ryan have a future in Presidential politics? The answer is most assuredly yes, as even if he loses with Mitt Romney 25 days from now, he has comported himself well enough, for his base in the Republican Party, to be a likely front runner for the GOP nomination for President in 2016.

Whether with his ideas and ideology he could actually win the Presidency is much in doubt, but at least he did not make a fool of himself, so likely will be heard from again, assuming he does not lose his Wisconsin Congressional seat next month.

Joe Biden Boosts Chances For Presidential Nomination In 2016!

Vice President Joe Biden boosted his chances for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016 with his debate performance last night.

Already one of the most colorful, charismatic politicians in national government as it is, Biden demonstrated that, although he will be 70 in November, he is far from “over the hill”, and cannot be dismissed as a potential future President!

This is a man of heart, of convictions, of passion, of principle, and is well liked as a man who will not back off in a time of challenge!

While some, particularly Republicans. certainly dislike Biden, the Vice President’s good humor and ability to respond to Paul Ryan, who could be his son, has to make many admire him as a very alert, brilliant man, who has once again proved his value to President Obama, and the reality that he has added stature and prestige to the office of Vice President of the United States!