First Amendment

US V Nixon; Clinton V Jones; And Now US V Trump?

In 1974, the Supreme Court, by 8-0 vote, told Richard Nixon that he had to hand over the Watergate tapes to the Special Prosecutor, which led to Nixon’s resignation a few weeks later.

In 1997. the Supreme Court, by 9-0 vote, told Bill Clinton that he could not avoid trial on sexual harassment charges brought by Paula Jones, simply because of his Presidential duties, which led to the impeachment and trial in 1998-1999.

The point of these two cases, US V Nixon, and Clinton V Jones, is that the President is not in total charge, and can be held to account by the Court system of America.

Donald Trump is about to get the same reality check, as the case involving the ban of all immigration from seven Muslim nations goes to the 9th Circuit Court, after a District Court Judge showed courage in stopping the enforcement of the President’s executive order. This is seen by most legal experts as unconstitutional, as a violation of the First and 14th Amendments, and being used against nations that have sent no terrorists to America, while other nations that have, are not included in the ban.

Donald Trump seems to think he is above the law, and his authoritarian, autocratic and tyrannical behavior must be nipped in the bud right now!

Donald Trump After One Week: Totally Unstable, Incomprehensible, Unpredictable, And Danger To The Reputation Of The Presidency

Donald Trump has been in office just one week, and it has been a week of horrors!

A case could be made that he has taken extreme actions with his executive orders, and that he should be subjected to impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors.

How is this so?

He has endangered the health and well being of 20 million people, who are in danger of losing their health care.

He has set out to destroy all environmental advancements of previous administrations, and to take away the rights of native Americans for a safe water supply, and seems ready to prevent any action on the imminent threat of climate change on the American future.

He is undermining US-Mexican relations with his promotion of immediate action on a Mexican Wall, and threatening action against Mexico to pay for a wall that they do not support or want.

He has issued a blanket ban on seven nations’ nationals entering the United States, including people with green cards and proper vetting on their way to the US, in airports and prevented from entering the nation, even when many endangered their own lives to help the US effort against Al Qaeda and ISIL (ISIS). Innocent people are being mistreated, and religious persecution against Muslims is being promoted, and yet from Islamic nations, including Saudi Arabia, are allowed in. Realize it was Saudi nationals who caused September 11, but Trump has business interests in those nations, so bribery is going on.

He has consorted with Vladimir Putin of Russia, who clearly interfered in the US Presidential election, and Trump is ready to end US Sanctions placed on Russia for seizure of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, endangering NATO, the European Union, and military security of all of Europe.

He has broken the Immigration Law of 1965 which bans discrimination against immigrants of any national origin, or of picking on any religion and victimizing them.

He has threatened basic civil liberties and civil rights of all Americans, violating the First Amendment.

He is promoting a war of one religion against another, and white supremacy.

He is moving toward massive deportation, unprecedented in numbers, in American history.

He has engaged in behavior that marks him as totally unstable, incomprehensible, unpredictable, and a danger to the reputation of the Presidency.

He can be seen as a Fascist demagogue who is setting out to destroy historical tradition and accomplishments, and he must be stopped!

He has engaged in abuse of power, bribery, treason, obstruction of justice, and perjury for his endless statements that are lies and deceitful, and should face impeachment.

Urgency For Republican Party And Entire Nation To Condemn Donald Trump And Prevent His Presidential Nomination In 2016!

Racist, nativist, bigoted Fascist demagogue Donald Trump has just gone beyond the pale with his call for the banning of all Muslims to the United States, including any Muslim citizens who are traveling overseas as tourists or on business.

This is against the 1st, 5th, and 14th Amendments to the Constitution, and reminds us of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the Japanese American internment in prison camps from 1942-1945!

We cannot sit idly by as this dangerous man is stirring up the extremist groups in America, and even his rhetoric is bound to cause violence against decent, law abiding Muslims in America, which would mean Trump has blood on his hands.

The Republican Party must declare that under no circumstances will they allow Trump to be their nominee, or else they will lose their status as a serious political party, as the party of Lincoln, TR, and Ike, cannot sit idly by as Trump totally destroys their historical image!

Anti Trump rallies must be organized around the nation, and make it clear that anyone who supports Trump on this matter shall be repudiated and isolated by family and colleagues as unAmerican!

Closing Down Mosques, Requiring Muslim ID Badges, Closing Down Cafes And Diners And Wherever Muslims Meet: Meet American Fascism And The Republican Party Of 2015!

The Republican Party of 2015 has gone so far to the Right that now it can be compared to Fascism in many ways!

Donald Trump asserts that all mosques in America should be shut down, which only incites anti Muslim hatred and endangers all Muslims in the United States.

What Trump forgets is the concept of the First Amendment and religious freedom!  Can one imagine if we had a politician say all Catholic Churches, all evangelical Christian churches, all mainline Establishment Protestant churches, or all Jewish synagogues should be shut down?  Would we ever allow or conceive of such action by any level of American government, which would make us no different than what Nazi Germany represented, as they shut down Jewish synagogues, and in fact, torched and desecrated them?  Have we gone mad as a nation, that we even have a Presidential candidate who can utter such bigotry and fascist tendencies, and sit by and ignore it?

Donald Trump also declares that we should require Muslim ID badges, reminding us of the branding of Jews with a yellow star in Nazi Germany, and are Americans ok with that, as if so, why not some day do that to other religious groups or ethnic minorities?  And he wants a database established to track all Muslims in America in their daily existence.

Marco Rubio wants us to close down cafes and diners and wherever Muslims meet, making him an American Fascist as much as Donald Trump!  Are we to arrest and imprison all Muslims in America as we did with Japanese Americans in World War II?

Are we to repeal the Bill of Rights and end freedom of assembly, along with freedom of religion, as well as freedom of speech?  Does anyone really think that shutting down public places where Muslims might congregate will prevent them from meeting underground?  Are we out to promote paranoia among Muslims in America, where the 99 percent who are NOT terrorist oriented will be motivated to defend themselves by joining groups that promote Al Qaeda or ISIL (ISIS)?

Are we going to allow those who advocate hate, such as Pam Geller, Franklin Graham, and others who promote Islamophobia, to undermine our nation and its basic values, and create a situation that will incite violence against anyone seen as Muslim?

Do we think such individuals would not be willing to defend themselves in a nation where there are so many firearms, many in the hands of mentally unstable individuals?  How do we gain a sense of peace and tranquility long term, when we are having demagogues advocating violence, warfare, and a native American Fascism?

All decent people MUST condemn Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and all other Republicans who advocate similar Fascist ideas, as well as Pam Geller and Franklin Graham and others of their ilk! They undermine any hope of coexistence, as all they do is accomplish what the evil terrorist groups want the most–the dissolution of America and its values!

Ted Cruz Vs Diane Feinstein: Looniness Vs Responsibility

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has only been in the US Senate for less than three months, but already is gaining a reputation as a modern version of Senator Joseph McCarthy, and also as a total lunatic on the subject of guns!

Yesterday, Cruz “lectured” Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein of California about his concept that the Second Amendment has absolutely no limits, and compared that amendment to the First and Fourth Amendments, claiming that Feinstein would not want limits on those two amendments, so why so on the Second Amendment.

Feinstein responded by saying she has been in the Senate for 20 years, and was Mayor of San Francisco for nine years, and inherited that job by the assassination of Mayor George Moscone and gay Supervisor Harvey Milk, which she walked in on, and saw the dead bodies and carnage.

She asked why it is necessary to have bazookas, and all other types of assault weapons, and that no one is trying to take away all guns, just large magazines of ammunition and weapons that one would never use for hunting.

And she pointed out to Cruz that there ARE limits on the First and Fourth Amendments, and that any sane person has to understand that there needs to be limits on the Second Amendment!

Cruz showed total lack of respect and deference to Feinstein, and comes across as totally arrogant, reckless, loony, and very dangerous with his rhetoric and his extreme right wing agenda.

And this man has interest in being President, although he was born in Canada, and the constitutional question, therefore, would arise if he became a serious candidate.

This man would be a danger to our civil liberties and our sanity were he to become a serious player for the Presidency. But there is no way that he would ever be elected President of the United States! But every effort to weaken his appeal must be made by progressives, who realize that he is a long range threat to our political stability!

The Recklessness And Lack Of Responsibility Of Professor James Tracy Of Florida Atlantic University: How Should We React To It?

Professor James Tracy of the Department of Communications at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, where this author has been an Adjunct Professor of History and Political Science since 1989, has become the center of a massive controversy in the past few days. Let me inform my readers that I do not know Professor Tracy, have never met him, and did not even know what he looked like until this controversy erupted!

Tracy has claimed that he believes that the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre of December 14 in Newtown, Connecticut, was a staged event conjured up by a conspiracy of the Obama Administration in cahoots with the news media and trained actors, and that since there is no released photographic evidence of the riddled bodies of 20 children and six teachers and administrators, therefore the event never happened!

This is obviously a lunatic theory, a conspiracy theory that believes that the government and the news media work together to lie to the American people, and to cause staged events to add to the power of the American government at all levels, in their aim to take away the civil liberties of the American population. It is never explained why the news media would collaborate in such a conspiracy, as criticism of government is a regular situation by the news media all across the country!

Tracy is intellectually dishonest, and in his heart of hearts, he knows that what he has done is horrific, irresponsible, reckless, unforgivable, and only feeds gun fanatics who wish to act in a manner similar to Alex Jones, who went on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN, and ranted and raved about plans to begin another “1776” event, through an armed uprising against government authorities.

Tracy is feeding paranoia, adding his title as a professor to promotion of conspiracy theories, and is undermining respect for our government leadership at all levels. He is acting as a demagogue, a man who incites crazies with his nutty utterances on his blog and in emails.

But the problem is that some would say this man should be fired by the university, which has taken the proper stand to separate themselves from his reckless, irresponsible statements, but point out that his viewpoints are not associated with the university, therefore upholding his First Amendment rights to freedom of speech.

The best thing that could happen, but is unlikely to occur, is that Tracy, a tenured Associate Professor, choose to resign from Florida Atlantic University, but his notoriety makes it unlikely that he would be picked up by another university, and this is his livelihood. Freedom of expression and academic freedom cannot be violated nor abrogated!

So we must be willing to tolerate his outrageous statements in the name of civil liberties, and know that he will certainly be living a life of discomfort for his utterances, and his lack of concern for the harm he is doing to the families of the 20 children and six teachers and administrators who were tragic victims nearly a month ago!

But despite anger, no one should threaten his life, or write hateful emails to this professor, but instead ignore him as quickly as possible, as that is ultimately what Professor Tracy feeds on—attention, although of a negative variety—which makes one wonder about his own mental state, and the hope that he does not have ownership of any guns or other assault weapons!

213th Anniversary Of Infamous Sedition Act Of 1798: First Violation Of Civil Liberties In American History!

On this day in 1798, the Congress passed and President John Adams signed the Sedition Act, curtailing freedom of speech under the First Amendment, leading to prosecution of journalists and political critics, including a sitting member of Congress.

Repealed under Thomas Jefferson, this Sedition Act remains a black mark on American history as the first violation by the US government against the First Amendment, unfortunately followed by other such violations, including the Sedition Act of 1918 under President Woodrow Wilson, and the USA Patriot Act under President George W. Bush in 2001.

This does not include other violations of civil liberties under numerous Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War, Franklin D. Roosevelt in the Second World War, and Harry Truman in the Cold War era, among others.

This anniversary is a reminder that the battle for the First Amendment remains one that must be continually fought!

47th Anniversary Of Lyndon Johnson Signing Civil Rights Act: The Most Important Moment In Our Domestic History In 20th Century!

Forty seven years ago today, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, arguably the most important moment in our domestic history in the entire 20th century!

It is impossible to imagine what America would be like had not this occurred when it did under a Southern President!

It is highly doubtful that any other President could have accomplished what LBJ did, and one has to wonder if EVER this legislation would have passed into law, had it not occurred when it did!

The sad thing is that a substantial minority of this country would be very satisfied if African Americans, and by implication, other minorities, had continued to be second class citizens!

But it was the right and the moral thing to do, to end the racial discrimination that was a cancer in our society!

Of course, it does not mean that there is no racial hatred and prejudice today, but it is far less, and at least, it is reality law suits can and have been brought to fight remaining vestiges of racism and discrimination!

The battle for civil rights and human rights is a never ending struggle, not only for racial minorities, but also for immigrant groups, women, and gay Americans!

We cannot rest as long as anyone is the victim of discrimination and prejudice, but our history is one of constantly improving conditions fought through court decisions and legislative action, as well as direct involvement by the people under the First Amendment!

This is what makes America a great nation, and a beacon for the world, as the greatest democracy which has existed!

And it is great that we celebrate this event on the same time frame as our national holiday, the Declaration of Independence, the document which most marks our concept of freedom and democracy to the world at large!

The Sharply Divided Supreme Court And The Future: Crucial Cases Coming Up!

The US Supreme Court demonstrated two tendencies in the past term just ended: Support of corporation rights at the expense of the public interest, and absolute worship of the First Amendment right to freedom of speech in ways many just shake their head at in wonderment!

But if there is controversy over some of the Supreme Court decisions of the term now over, just wait to the next session of the Court in 2011-2012!

What kinds of “hot” issues are to show up for oral argument and decision in the next term?

1. The Obama Health Care Plan’s constitutionality
2. Affirmative Action
3. Illegal Immigration
4. Gay Marriage

It seems as if no one is leaving the Court, although one would have thought that Ruth Bader Ginsberg might have retired, so it will be the same nine member, equally divided Court, with Anthony Kennedy the swing vote on many cases, deciding some of the most controversial areas of political debate in this country, and deciding if we are moving ahead, or falling back into the 20th, and maybe, the 19th century!

The Supreme Court’s View Of Free Speech: SICK And Dangerous To America’s Future!

The Supreme Court majority has gone amuck with the First Amendment guarantee of “free speech”!

The Court backed the right of the Westboro Baptist Church to picket its anti gay propaganda at the funerals of Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans!

It allowed “Crush” videos that depict animal cruelty in the past term, the production of videos that show small animals being tortured or killed for the sexual gratification of viewers!

Now it allows minors to be able to buy and use violent video games that depict extreme violence, bloodshed, and promote war situations as acceptable for children, without their parents’ approval, claiming the rights of minors were being limited by the state of California!

The comparison was made to movies, television, and books that have depicted such graphic images, but video games have a far greater hold and impact on children than any of these, and supposedly, there are ratings systems on these forms of media!

So children cannot get sexually explicit material, based on decisions of the Court years ago, but extremely violent video games are alright. But, of course, tobacco and alcohol are banned at the same time!

These are inconsistent messages, and make it much more likely that we will see greater amounts of graphic violence, as now children not only often have parents who ignore the importance of their roles, but now government is looking the other way as well, not setting a standard for children, who do NOT have all the rights of adults, and should not have the right to purchase violent video games without the consent of their parents!

The standards of decent behavior have deteriorated further and further, to the detriment of America and its future!