Donald Trump, The Fascist Wannabe: Attacking Conservative Support Of States Rights, And First Amendment Right To Freedom Of Speech And Assembly

Donald Trump is demonstrating how he is a Fascist Wannabe, and in so doing, he is attacking conservatives who support states rights, and attacking all decent people who uphold the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

Trump’s sending of military forces incognito to Portland, Oregon to use tear gas and rubber bullets against mostly peaceful demonstrators calling for change in race relations and for accountability of police, has not been called for by the Oregon state government or the Portland city government, but two night ago, even the Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was personally tear gassed by these unaccountable forces unleashed by Trump! And Trump ridiculed Wheeler on Twitter, making fun of him, after he was assaulted with tear gas!

There is no breakdown of law and order, and there is no right of the President to send in what is best described as storm troopers, without name plates or identifying, to detain people and kidnap them from the scene. The local police are in charge of anything that has to be dealt with, not a secret, unaccountable force authorized by Attorney General William Barr, who is the most abusive and corrupt leader of the Justice Department in its history!

Conservatives with principles are up in arms about the violation of states rights on this matter, and it reminds many of the Nazi storm troopers who abused people and brought about Nazi absolutism under Adolf Hitler. Conservatives, but also anyone interested in promoting freedom, are alarmed by this going on in not just Portland, but now the threat of it also showing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Seattle; Chicago; Detroit; Philadelphia; New York and other cities.

Republican groups, such as the Lincoln Project, are condemning what Trump is authorizing, as unlawful!

The job of keeping order is up to local and state authorities, and only when they call for federal intervention, does the US government have authority to intervene.

And the right of freedom of speech and assembly, and ability to call for redress of grievances in a peaceful manner, is inscribed in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

This alone, forgetting for the moment all of the other multitude of violations of law, would be enough to impeach and remove both Donald Trump and William Barr, for corruption and abuse of power in office!

The Department of Homeland Security and its subsidiary, Customs and Border Patrol, is breaking the Constitution, with the approval of Trump and Barr.

If this is not a move toward Fascism, then nothing is so!

3 comments on “Donald Trump, The Fascist Wannabe: Attacking Conservative Support Of States Rights, And First Amendment Right To Freedom Of Speech And Assembly

  1. Princess Leia July 28, 2020 4:49 pm

    Trump’s Eight Potentially Impeachable Offenses in Six Months

    Article 1: Negligence, leading to the deaths of thousands of Americans, in the handling of the novel coronavirus.

    Article 2: Abuse of law enforcement powers, including both the use of force against peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square and in Portland, Oregon.

    Article 3: Abuse of appointment power in seeking retribution against those who testified against him during the impeachment hearings.

    Article 4: Abuse of power in foreign affairs. This includes both his willingness to ignore China’s treatment of the Uighurs in exchange for help with farmers during trade negotiations as well as the fact that he has totally ignored Russia placing bounties on the lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan.

    Article 5: Abuse of power for personal enrichment in asking the ambassador to Britain to steer the British Open golf tournament to a Trump-owned resort in Scotland.

    Article 6: Abuse of reprieve and pardon power in commuting the sentence of Roger Stone.

    Article 7: Undermining faith in the electoral process by lying about fraud associated with mail-in ballots and a refusal to commit to abiding by the results of the election.

    Article 8: Failure to comply with Supreme Court rulings. In June, the Supreme Court refused to end the DACA program and also refused to dismiss the subpoenas from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for the release of Trump’s financial records.

    Barr is complicit in at least four of them (2,3,6, and 7).

  2. Former Republican July 28, 2020 8:14 pm

    Barr got his butt kicked at today’s hearing. 🙂

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