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D-Day Plus 76: America Fought Fascism, But Now Has Fascist President Who Wants To Destroy The Constitution, And Must Be Stopped!

Tomorrow is the 76th Anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of France in 1944, as the beginning of the final defeat of Fascism, as represented by Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, and to a lesser extent, Benito Mussolini, who had lost control of Fascist Italy in 1943, but was under Hitler’s protection.

We commemorate the sacrifice of Americans, Canadians and British on that day, often called “The Longest Day”.

Now, there are only a small percentage alive who invaded on that morning three quarters of a century ago plus one, as they are all in their 90s or are centenarians.

Part of the honor of celebrating D-Day is to fight the new Fascism, that of President Donald Trump, on display this week in Washington, DC, and his threat of the use of force in the states, with the US military being unleashed upon the American people and their right to demonstrate for redress of grievances.

The use of tear gas, pepper spray, and a low lying helicopter, and the President holding a Bible at the Episcopal Church next to the White House after the routing of the demonstrators, is a sickening image, that has made many former military leaders condemn Trump for his words and actions.

This is the biggest constitutional crisis since the Civil War, and yet we have reluctance of Republicans to speak up and resist, and we have Trump having praised foreign dictators and autocrats, including the leaders of Russia, China, North Korea and other nations.

There is no more significant event that will occur in 2020, than the quest to remove Donald Trump from office, as our constitutional system is in danger, and we cannot afford a second term of Donald Trump, who instead, belongs in federal prison for his crimes in office!

Donald Trump Tweet Storm Greater Than Ever, And Threatening Adam Schiff And Other Democrats Involved In Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump is now engaged in a furious tweet storm, greater than ever, and threatening Adam Schiff and other Democrats involved in the Impeachment Trial, continuing this week.

Trump sounds more like a Mob Boss, a Mafia Chief, as he talks about Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and others “paying the price”, as if they are committing treason by investigating and bringing the President to trial.

It now seems unlikely there will be any witnesses or new documents entered into the trial, and that means the trial will likely end by the weekend, with an acquittal.

This will embolden Trump ever more, making him more dangerous in the nine months up to the election, and it is now possible to believe he could find an excuse to declare martial law, and suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights!

And the fear, if he loses the election in November, that he will refuse to concede, and will not give up the Presidency on January 20, 2021, requiring the military and Secret Service, under the rule of law, to remove him bodily from the Oval Office.

This could, however, lead to the danger of bloodshed and violence, and a serious threat of the breakdown of law and order, leading to civil war!

This is a very sobering time!

The Constitution And Human Rights: Not Subject To Public Opinion Polls!

Back in 1947, a survey was done of military personnel, asking them how they felt about integration of whites and African Americans.

Also, they were asked how they felt about Jews and other minorities!

Not surprisingly, a vast majority made clear their Antisemitism and racial hatred! Narrow mindedness and prejudice was very evident!

However, in a courageous act, President Harry Truman went ahead in 1948, and ordered racial integration in the armed forces, whether those in the military liked it or not!

Why was this? Because President Truman knew this was not an issue of how people felt, or what public opinion was! It was a question of human rights under the Constitution of the United States! Truman was not setting out to be popular, but to do what was right to do in the promotion of equality and justice!

Therefore, the recent survey asking how troops felt about the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the military, and therefore the allowance of openly gay and lesbian soldiers as a result, was inappropriate and wrong, as it is not the issue of how military personnel feel! It is the issue of human rights, which should not be subject to a vote of the people!

This has been mentioned in an earlier entry on this blog, but it is being brought up again, upon the news that an openly gay soldier, Lieutenant Dan Choi, has been removed from the military because he is gay and said so publicly! This is happening to many others just at the time when the policy might be changing!

This is a miscarriage of justice and should not be happening, but it is, and it is disappointing that it is taking so long to bring about the end of this discriminatory policy, which forces talented and skilled soldiers out of the military, simply because of their sexuality! 🙁

Again, it should not matter what public opinion is on this matter, any more than gay marriage and adoption should not be denied, no matter what people think! These are human rights, and public opinion cannot stand in the way of a person’s basic human rights!