Steve Scalise Of Louisiana

Time For Reasonable Republicans To Support Hakeem Jeffries As Speaker Of The House Of Representatives!

Here we are in Day Two of the latest Republican inability to pick a new Speaker of the House of Representatives, and in so doing, paralyzing the ability of the federal government to do anything!

It seems as if Steve Scalise will not be able to gain 217 votes, and neither likely will Jim Jordan.

It is now time for five or more Republicans (such as Don Bacon of Nebraska, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, and a few of the newly elected Republicans from New York from Biden Districts) to cross party lines, and join Democrats in making Hakeem Jeffries Speaker of the House!

Mainstream Conservative Republicans (Problem Solvers Caucus) Need To Unite Against Jim Jordan As Potential Speaker!

The thought of Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan as the next Speaker of the House of Representatives should be enough to convince mainstream conservative Republicans to unite and prevent the horrors of a man fully backed by Donald Trump, and just about the most wretched member of the Republican Party, alongside Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz and Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

The Problem Solvers Caucus is a group made up of moderate Republicans (32) and Democrats (31) who are rational players in the halls of Congress, loyal to their parties, but pragmatic and willing to “cross the aisle” to accomplish results.

Among those Republicans who can prevent a disaster are the following 14 members:

Don Bacon of Nebraska
Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
Anthony D’Esposito of New York
Andrew Garbarino of New York
Nick LaLota of New York
Mike Lawler of New York
Marc Molinaro of New York
Thomas Kean Jr of New Jersey
Dusty Johnson of South Dakota
Mike Garcia of California
Young Kim of California
David Valadao of California
Tony Gonzales of Texas
Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin

Five of this group are from New York, and 3 from California, in districts that were won by Joe Biden in 2020.

If most of this group and some others united, they can demand that neither Jim Jordan nor Steve Scalise of Louisiana become Speaker, as one of these 14 would be a far better selection to promote unity, and insure that continued aid to Ukraine will flow!

Total Chaos In The Republican House Of Representatives! :(

The Republican Party is on the brink of extinction, as they are now proving that not only do they have a totally corrupt, evil President that they refuse to repudiate at large, but also their House majority is a total disaster.

To think that the two leading likely successors to Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House are the evil, nasty, corrupt Jim Jordan of Ohio, who had sexual charges lodged against him from years ago; and Steve Scalise of Louisiana, who spoke years ago to white supremacist groups, and had contact with David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader, over many years, is enough to make one vomit! 🙁

Neither should even be in Congress, and the thought that one of them could be two heartbeats away from the Presidency, is extremely troubling and disconcerting!

And Jordan has no concern about Ukraine’s survival, and is willing to back Vladimir Putin’s aggression on a democratic nation, which is also the homeland of this author and blogger’s ancestors!

One can hope that someone truly decent, such as Don Bacon of Nebraska or Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, could be put forth as a truly acceptable mainstream conservative alternative for the Speakership!

The Future Of The Republican House Majority In The 118th Congress

It is now two days until the first session of the 118th Congress, and there is, seemingly, total chaos in the small Republican majority in the House of Representatives, as to whether California Congressman Kevin McCarthy, who has wished to be be Speaker of the House since 2015, will actually be able to gain 218 votes from his caucus.

The gut feeling is that he will NOT be able to accomplish his goal,and this author and blogger senses that second ranking Republican Steve Scalise of Louisiana will become the alternative choice.

So we shall see what transpires on Tuesday or later! It will be a very tumultuous time!

Kevin McCarthy Remains In Limbo On Speakership Bid

California Congressman Kevin McCarthy, who has for years lusted for the Speakership of the House of Representatives, is now facing the reality that he may not be elected by the Republican caucus on opening day of the 118th Congress, January 3, 2023.

It seems more likely that second ranking Republican Steve Scalise of Louisiana may become the alternative choice, seemingly acceptable to all elements of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives.

It certainly seems clear that McCarthy, even if elected, may not survive the entire two year term of the 118th Congress!