New York Congressional Republicans

Republicans In Total Breakdown In Speakership Struggle: Time For Bipartisanship!

There is pure insanity in the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, as newly nominated Congressman Tom Emmer of Minnesota has withdrawn his candidacy for Speaker of the House of Representatives, as about 26 Republican hardliners refuse to support him.

It is time for a bipartisan agreement, with Democrats helping to elect Speaker Pro Tem Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, with the assistance of the more moderate Republicans, from the Problems Solvers Caucus, including those from Long Island, New York joining Don Bacon of Nebraska and Brian Fitzgerald of Pennsylvania and other rational Republicans, of which there are not many!

The Republican Party in the House of Representatives has been hijacked by seditionists and traitors who do not care if they cause damage to our country, and instead, only care about remaining loyal to Donald Trump!

We are now in the fourth week of paralysis in the lower house of Congress, and this cannot continue, without major disaster for the nation and the world!

Time For Reasonable Republicans To Support Hakeem Jeffries As Speaker Of The House Of Representatives!

Here we are in Day Two of the latest Republican inability to pick a new Speaker of the House of Representatives, and in so doing, paralyzing the ability of the federal government to do anything!

It seems as if Steve Scalise will not be able to gain 217 votes, and neither likely will Jim Jordan.

It is now time for five or more Republicans (such as Don Bacon of Nebraska, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, and a few of the newly elected Republicans from New York from Biden Districts) to cross party lines, and join Democrats in making Hakeem Jeffries Speaker of the House!