“Stand Your Ground” Laws

Florida Under Authoritarian Oriented Governor Ron DeSantis!

The state of Florida s governed by an authoritarian oriented Governor, Ron DeSantis!

DeSantis is promoting limits on women’s rights to an abortion as Mississippi has done, and which now is a case before the US Supreme Court!

DeSantis is working to limit voting rights, even though there were no issues with voting in the 2020 state elections!

DeSantis is working to limit educators in teaching about the truth of American history, including the realities of racism, slavery, and segregation!

DeSantis is working to prevent any discussion of sexuality, and victimizing children who may have sexual feelings other than being straight, including reporting any such evidence to parents, thereby threatening the emotional, mental, and physical health of adolescents!

DeSantis is working to penalize school boards which want to protect children from COVID 19, by stripping funding from counties that defy him, undermining public education from needed financial support!

DeSantis is working to silence free speech and any criticism, by being arrogant and authoritarian toward any criticism from university scholars and the news media!

DeSantis is trying to interfere with redistricting and reapportionment of the state legislative districts and Congressional districts to undermine minority representation after the Census Bureau count of population!

DeSantis has called for the right of citizens to use deadly force with their automobiles at demonstrations that block traffic, an extension of the state “Stand Your Ground” law, and is against any gun control regulations!

DeSantis is against any support of refugees coming to Florida from foreign nations, seeing any such actions as undermining public order and safety!

DeSantis has worked to undermine any initiative by President Joe Biden, and has been extremely confrontional and arrogant, refusing to cooperate with the federal government on every imaginable issue!

DeSantis has supported Donald Trump in every way imaginable since the January 6, 2021 Insurrection, and clearly sees himself as the inheritor of the Trump tradition!

Gun Rights, Mass Murder, Chief Justice Warren Burger, And The Second Amendment

The National Rifle Association is riding high, having succeeded in promotion of “Stand Your Ground” laws which has led to the deaths of hundreds of victims in the past ten years, including Trayvon Martin in Florida in February.

The NRA was the host of the rant of Ted Nugent last week, threatening the life of President Barack Obama, and calling for harm on Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Attorney General Eric Holder.

The NRA sat back and had no reaction to the assassination attempt against Arizona Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords in Tucson in January 2011.

The NRA had no reaction to the mass murder of 32 people at Virginia Tech five years ago this week.

The NRA had no reaction to the mass murder at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999, also occurring this week.

The NRA continues to say that guns do not kill people, and that instead, people kill people, but fight against any sensible background checks, or the banning of assault weapons.

They continue to state that the Second Amendment allows uninhibited ownership of guns by anyone who wishes to collect them.

A Supreme Court case in June 2010 in McDonald V. Chicago further cemented their 2008 decision in District of Columbia V. Heller, with the five Supreme Court conservatives deciding both cases, in favor of gun owner rights.

The thought that such an important decision came about by a bare 5-4 vote on ideological grounds is very disturbing, and belies the statement of former Chief Justice Warren Burger, appointed by Richard Nixon in 1969 and serving to 1986.

In 1991, the former Chief Justice stated that the Second Amendment was subject to fraud by special interest groups, does not guarantee the right to have firearms at all, and was designed to provide state militia to promote defense of the state.

But then, as conservative as Burger was thought to be in his tenure on the Court, it is clear that the conservative majority on the Court today is far more right wing than any since the 1920s, a foreboding of the damage they may do in many key cases to be decided and announced between now and the end of June, including the Obama Health Care legislation!

The Burden Carried Daily By Young Black Males In America: A Great Human Tragedy!

We love to claim that there is equal opportunity and fairness of treatment in America.

But it is reality that anyone of us born white has a tremendous advantage at birth to live a good life, as compared to people of other racial groups, particularly the case with African Americans.

And the most dangerous life is faced by young black males in their teens and 20s and 30s.

Not only do young black males face the constant threat of violence and danger in heavily black communities in the cities, with the horrors of drugs, gangs, and poor slum conditions so common in America’s urban centers.

But even for those who are “middle class” or live in integrated communities, their daily lives are a nightmare!

It is hard to find work, hard to get a good education and go to college, hard to shop since they are constantly watched because of ingrained fears that they might steal items from department stores, supermarkets and other retail establishments.

But also, at a young age, they have to be informed by those who love them that they need to recognize that other people who are white, and sometimes even Hispanic or Asian ethnicity, may look on them as suspicious, simply on the basis of how they dress, how they walk, how they speak, how they behave, and if it is felt that they are in a neighborhood that arises suspicion as to their intentions.

This is what led to the murder of Trayvon Martin, ironically by an Hispanic man, George Zimmerman, who thought 17 year old Martin was in the “wrong” neighborhood, and was up to no good, and therefore, was perceived as a threat that allowed Zimmerman to “stand his ground” and use his firearm to end the life of a young man, who if he was white, would not have faced the death penalty issued by Zimmerman on his own decision, as if he had the right to be an executioner and claim self defense.

This situation involving Trayvon Martin is a great human tragedy, but for more than Trayvon Martin himself. It is a warning to every young black male that he is part of an endangered species that can become hunting material as much as a deer, a bear, or any other animal.

It cheapens the value and worth of human life, and it sets up a potential for a never ending Holocaust, which may likely also cause a counter reaction of response, which can only bring about a civil war, which could make our official Civil War seem trivial by comparison!

Mitt Romney And The National Rifle Association Convention: Total Hypocrisy!

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, seemingly secure in being the GOP Presidential nominee, gave a speech at the National Rifle Association convention in St. Louis, Missouri today, utilizing his wife Ann to mention how much they both admire all mothers, part of their hypocritical response to Hillary Rosen, a Democratic strategist and CNN contributor, who said that Ann Romney had never worked a day in her life.

Losing the woman’s vote by a vast margin at present, the two are exploiting that comment by Rosen in a despicable manner, but even worse was the pandering of Mitt Romney to the NRA, a group which has been lukewarm to him.

Why should not the NRA be skeptical of Mitt Romney? Because when he ran for Senator against Ted Kennedy in 1994, and as Governor of Massachusetts from 2003-2007, Mitt Romney emphasized gun control and criticized the NRA.

This is another example of the total hypocrisy and phoniness of Mitt Romney, and does anyone really believe him? If so, such persons are extremely naive!

And of course, after the Trayvon Martin murder in Florida, Romney should have condemned the “Stand Your Ground” laws backed by the NRA, and in effect in 25 states, but Romney has no interest in anything but winning the White House, no matter how much he comes across as disingenuous!

So Mitt Romney is really Pinocchio, as he continues to lie and deceive, and his nose is getting longer and longer!

The “New” Lynching Mentality: “Stand Your Ground” Laws!

The death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, and the decision of the local police not to question George Zimmerman, the man who killed him, and not to detain him, because of the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law passed by the Florida legislature ni 2005, and signed by Governor Jeb Bush, is all a sign of the “new” lynching mentality that exists in the nation.

With 21 states having passed this law since Florida did so in 2005, it is clear that this is a method to allow “lynching” in a legal fashion, and avoid any accountability for any shooter’s actions.

Lynching went on a for a century in many states, particularly in the South and Border states, and was ignored, leading to very few prosecutions and convictions. The US Government refused to take any action until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 allowed prosecution on a federal level.

Now there is a legal way to get around the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and there need not be any charges or accusations brought against the victim. Simply if someone is fearful of a black male, does not like the way he walks, dresses or looks you in the eye, is justification for the shooter to “stand his ground”!

It is hard enough to be born black, to grow up in many cases in a poor neighborhood, to have white people look at you as somehow someone not to be trusted, to be denied the opportunities for a good future that so many blacks, male and female, face, and to live daily with the internal fear that your life could end at any time simply because someone does not like the color of your skin.

This is a sad time in America, and requires serious assessment as to how to overcome the laws passed, that allow legalized murder simply based upon suspicion and racism.

“Castle Doctrine” Laws And “Stand Your Ground” Laws Out Of Control: Wisconsin And Florida As Test Cases!

The “Castle Doctrine” allows homeowners to shoot to kill anyone who ends up on their property, with no questions asked.

This has led to cases of firefighters, EMTs, and any others who end up on private property being shot and killed, or wounded if lucky.

A case in Wisconsin is that of Bo Morrison, a young man who hid from the police raiding an underage party, ending up in the covered porch of a homeowner, and being shot and killed without any questions or words exchanged, and the homeowner gets away with it, as no prosecution is possible.

There have been cases of Halloween Trick or Treaters being killed in Texas, and many other cases where gun owners have been licensed to kill without accountability.

That, added to the “Stand Your Ground” law that helped to lead to the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida shows that the National Rifle Association has run rampant in the states, and is giving license to legalized murder!

Florida Casualty Toll Due To “Stand Your Ground” Law Signed By Governor Jeb Bush: 93 Incidents, With 65 Murders!

Governor Jeb Bush, by signing the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law in 2005, must take responsibility for the results from 2005 to 2012.

93 incidents have occurred, with 65 murders!

Thousands of people gathered last evening in Sanford, Florida, to show their anger over the Trayvon Martin murder by George Zimmerman.

This issue will not go away, and Jeb Bush will pay the price for this in history, as he could have prevented these 65 tragedies and 93 incidents, but no apology or responsibility is forthcoming.

And now, Democratic Senator Mark Begich, from the “Wild, Wild West” of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, has proposed legislation for “reciprocity”, allowing any citizen anywhere in the nation to use the “Stand Your Ground” laws in 21 states to cover any situation in the other 29 states!

This is pure insanity! Imagine this happening in Manhattan, in Los Angeles, in other cities and suburbs in states where the desire is to curb the gun maniacs of the National Rifle Association!

This tragedy must lead to action in just the opposite direction, to curb gun rights, or else we are doomed as a nation to constant tragedies such as that of Trayvon Martin!

“Stand Your Ground” Laws In 21 States License To Kill! Their Repeal Is Urgent!

The National Rifle Association has been very successful in promoting passage of “Stand Your Ground” Laws in 21 states, including Florida, where a black teenager, Trayvon Martin, was murdered by a vigilante Volunteer Patrol individual, George Zimmerman, inside a gated community in Sanford, near Orlando, even though he had no weapon, was much smaller and lighter than Zimmerman, but was seen by Zimmerman as a threat.

The law in these 21 states must be repealed, as it has led to licensed murder based on fear and racial profiling, with almost all of the victims since 2005 being minorities, primarily young black men.

The law allows vigilantes, and unstable people, the license to kill, and claim self defense. It does not leave the issue of crime and threats to police and other law enforcement authorities, and dismisses the role that rubber bullets, tear gas, and tasers could play in such situations, avoiding death.

And one has to wonder if George Zimmerman believed his life was in danger, why could he not have avoided direct contact, since the 911 call person told him to leave the situation to police, since he had reported what he regarded as a dangerous young man.

And also, if he was going to shoot, why not shoot the so called “culprit” in the leg or arm, and avoid areas of the body that would kill him instantly?

The power of the National Rifle Association, and other gun fanatics, must be curbed, or else there will be many more tragedies such as this one, and we will become ever more what we are now, the most gun violent society in the world!