Mainstream Media

Have Democratic Presidents Been Treated “Better” Than Republican Presidents By News Media Since FDR Onward? NO!

If you listened to Republican and conservative propagandists, it would seem that the Republican Party  is at a disadvantage when it comes to the “liberal”, “mainstream” news media, in coverage of Presidents and Presidential candidates.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as anyone who studies American history KNOWS that Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have all been subjected to an inordinate amount of attacks and criticism on every issue and personal quirk imaginable, and many have been purely fiction and mythology!

The job of ALL news media is to challenge, expose, and reveal weaknesses and inconsistencies in Presidential candidates, and Hillary Clinton, in particular, has had much more attacks, criticism  and fictional and mythological stories than ANY GOP Presidential candidate.

But the fact that Marco Rubio has issues with handling his finances; that Donald Trump has had three marriages and multiple bankruptcies; that Dr. Benjamin Carson has sponsored phony nutrition supplements that supposedly cure cancer; that Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, and Bobby Jindal support an anti gay church leader who advocates gays be murdered; that Chris Christie has left his state in financial tatters and is still being part of the investigation of the “Bridgegate” Scandal in New Jersey; that Carly Fiorina lies constantly about just everything she talks about; and numerous other issues and controversies that  are real and true, not fabricated, is something that the news media and hosts of political debates should be expected to address, and to confront the candidates on these issues.

Instead, the Republican candidates as a group are “crybabies”, and Ted Cruz has suggested that a political debate be conducted by right wing conservative talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin, none of them legitimate journalists, but instead pure hate propagandists who exploit the gullible nature of too many listeners on talk radio and viewers of Fox News Channel.

And yet, one Republican Presidential candidate, Governor John Kasich of Ohio, says the party and candidates need to stop complaining and “sniping”, grow up, and expect the news media to be on the offensive, and to be mature enough to deal with it, and really answer the questions posed to them, just as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley have to deal with regularly!  And that makes John Kasich a legitimate and serious Presidential candidate, separating the adults from the chidren!

Mitt Romney May Have Lost The Election Because Of One Comment Added To Others

Mitt Romney may very well have lost the Presidential Election of 2012 in one fell swoop, by his stupid, uncaring, but revealing statement that he is not concerned about the “very poor” as they have a “safety net”! However, he has also made a slew of statements similar to this one, which demonstrate that he is outside the loop in the sense of understanding “average” people.

This has led to attacks by conservatives, upset that their true feelings are being expressed about poor people, and by the mainstream media nationally. It is hard to imagine that ANYONE close to Mitt Romney is not rolling his or her eyes over his failure to connect, and understand that not everyone has the fortune he has, or has children who together have a $100 million trust fund and NEVER have to work a day in their lives, as they know what complete security is. It is these five sons and Mitt and his wife Ann who have a true “safety net” not available to 99 percent of us.

Do we need a filthy rich person to care about the middle class and the poor? Yes, if his name is Franklin D. Roosevelt or Ted Kennedy or the numerous other rich people who never looked at the poor or the middle class with the disdain that Mitt Romney and Rush Limbaugh and all of the myriad RICH conservatives and Republicans have toward us, the 99 percent!

This is not an issue of the “very poor”, as it would not take much for any of us in the so called “middle class” to have a streak of bad luck and end up in that group. It is ALL OF US, the middle class and the poor, who have to unite together and defeat the unconcerned, selfish, greedy one percent who have much too much as it is, and could not care for a minute what happens to the 99 percent as long as they keep on acquiring wealth and power!

It is time to recognize that Barack Obama offers the kind of record and sympathies that make him the right person to be elected, and to be able, hopefully, to bring REAL extensive reform against the aristocracy in a second term of office!

The “Dark Horses” Of The Republican Presidential Race: Ron Paul And Herman Cain

It is still nearly three months to the first voting in the Iowa Caucuses on January 3, followed by the vote in the New Hampshire Primary, the Nevada Caucuses, the South Carolina Primary, and the Florida Primary, all within the month of January!

The Republican Presidential race has gone from one favored candidate to another, including Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney, with three other well known candidates floundering–Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich.

Meanwhile, two other candidates–Ron Paul and Herman Cain–ignored by the mainstream media and many political experts–are suddenly surging and drawing attention, and makes one wonder could either of them actually win the GOP Presidential nomination to oppose President Barack Obama in November 2012?

Paul has certainly been gaining more support, and his views on social and foreign policy issues resonate with many more voters than when he ran four years ago.

Herman Cain, who is African American and the CEO of Godfather Pizza, has been an even bigger surprise to many, and seems to arouse support in an emotional manner.

Today, at the Values Voters Summit in Washington, DC, a group of social conservatives, Ron Paul won 37 percent of the straw vote, with Cain second with 23 percent, way ahead of the other candidates.

Can this really happen–either one being the next nominee of the Republican Party? It seems highly unlikely, but after Barack Obama winning the Democratic nomination and the Presidency in 2008, who can be so sure that it could not happen in the Republican Party, and in the right (or wrong) circumstances lead to one of them in the White House in 2012?

Orly Taitz, Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily: The Big Lie Technique Of Adolf Hitler Revived!

Orlty Taitz is one of the originators of the “Birther” conspiracy about Barack Obama being born outside the United States, and she has lost cases in court and been fined for her lies and deceit.

Jerome Corsi is a so called professor who has published books promoting lies and conspiracy theories, and is about to publish a new book perpetuating the “Birther” myth to gullible readers!

World Net Daily is a scandal oriented “RAG”, which promotes sensationalism and lies, and has done so about Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and now Barack Obama, and has a wide readership despite its accusations that have no basis!

We live in a nation that promotes freedom of speech and freedom of the press, but these characters need to be called out by the mainstream media, and exposed for the phonies and manipulators of truth that they are!

They have all adopted the “Big Lie” technique, so effectively utilized by Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany, which promoted the idea that the more one lies and deceives, the more people will believe it, so never let go, and fight against the truth, and exploit people’s prejudices and biases, all in the process of drawing attention to yourself and making profit in the process!

There should be no doubt left in mainstream media other than to expose and condemn Orly Taitz, Jerome Corsi, and World Net Daily, and all other propaganda that sets out to poison the political fabric of America and destroy any chance for unity and purpose in dealing with the many domestic and foreign policy problems this nation faces in 2011!