Jerry Lewis

Major Blow Against Nativism: Russell Pearce, Author Of Illegal Immigration Law In Arizona, Is Successfully Ousted In Recall Election!

Yesterday was not only a great day for labor rights, women’s rights, and voter rights, but also for the fight against the bigotry and prejudice and nativism of those who have forced through state legislatures, including Arizona and Alabama, draconian laws on illegal immigration.

Russell Pearce, the author of the infamous Arizona law, was defeated by 53-45 percent in a recall election, in which his opponent, Jerry Lewis, a notice in politics, but also a Republican, ran against Pearce’s hateful, bigoted stand on immigration.

Lewis saw what Pearce and others are doing as wrong and politically damaging to the future of the Republican Party in Arizona and elsewhere, and thank goodness, common sense and common decency prevailed, and sent a warning to other bigots that their time of influence is fast coming to an end!