Recall Election

Finally! Democratic National Committee Provides Support For Tom Barrett In Scott Walker Recall Election In Wisconsin!

It has been a long haul to get the Democratic National Committee to recognize that they must provide funds and ground support to the massive effort to help Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee unseat Governor Scott Walker in the recall election in Wisconsin on June 5.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC Chair, announced such support yesterday, a crucial element in the upcoming Presidential election, as if this recall election is lost, it will be a major blow to the Obama re-election campaign.

It is not as if that loss, if it occurs, is a guarantor of trouble in November, but it would be a major setback for progressive forces, as Scott Walker represents the worst of the “Bully Governors” and the Tea Party Movement, which has been the major negative force since the midterm Congressional and state elections of 2010.

The labor movement, the role of education, the effect on women, the role of powerful special interests (including the Koch Brothers), and so many other strands of politics are tied together with the Wisconsin recall race, only the third time there has been a recall election in the history of the United States.

The other two times, in North Dakota in 1921, and in California in 2003, the cause for recall was far less serious than the case is in Wisconsin, but both efforts succeeded.

A victory by Walker would show the power of the wealthy special interests to corrupt our system of government and make life more comfortable for the “one percent” against the “99 percent”, and would set Wisconsin back to before the time of Governor Robert La Follette, Sr., who made “progressivism” a cause that would impact the state and the nation numerous times over the next century.

The battle for progressive reform, and to keep it strong, is a never ending battle, but it is good that the DNC has finally entered the fray!

The Second Most Important Election Of 2012: The Recall Election In Wisconsin On June 5th

Obviously, the most important election of 2012 is the choice between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for President in November.

But a likely forecast of what will happen in November is the Wisconsin Governorship recall race to be held on June 5, five months earlier.

Republican Governor Scott Walker, who has warred on the citizens of Wisconsin, set out to destroy labor unions, and cut education funding dramatically, while giving tax breaks to the special interests, and accepting campaign help from the Koch Brothers and other wealthy conservative interests, will face Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, his opponent in the 2010 gubernatorial race, who he defeated by about five points.

Considering that about a million votes were gathered to force this recall race in the middle of the term, only the third recall election in US history, it is inspiring people to believe that Walker can be kicked out of office by Democratic nominee Barrett.

The money flowing is amazing, with much of it coming from outside for Walker, as Republicans see this as a chance to validate their approach toward public affairs, and Walker has become a rallying point for other “Bully” Governors, including Chris Christie of New Jersey, Paul LePage of Maine, Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, Rick Scott of Florida, John Kasich of Ohio, and Rick Snyder of Michigan, among others.

Labor and progressive forces are fighting to retire Walker, and put Mayor Barrett into office, and if this effort fails, it would be a major dampening of hopes of progressives to overcome the Tea Party influence, which has seized control of the Republican Party in a deleterious manner!

Wisconsin Moves Toward Recall Election Of Governor Scott Walker: La Follette Progressivism’s Return!

The state of Wisconsin, the home of the great Progressive Republican leader Robert La Follette, Sr a century ago, is on the way to a recall election against Conservative Republican Governor Scott Walker, who has worked to destroy public sector unions in the Badger State, and has taken other actions in league with the Republican legislature to harm education and other social services, areas Wisconsin has always been a leader among the states of the Union.

Wisconsin introduced the recall method, and it has succeeded in bringing about much more support in voter signatures than anyone would have ever imagined, and the date for the primaries for Governor and other state offices is May 8, followed by the election of either Walker or his Democratic opponent on June 5.

The former Dane County Executive (Madison), Kathleen Falk, is favored to be the Democratic nominee, although she is being challenged in the Democratic primary by the former Democratic opponent of Scott Walker in 2010, Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee, as well as other possible challengers.

The important thing is for the Democrats, progressives, and the labor movement in Wisconsin to remain united, and take advantage of the opportunity to recall Governor Walker and other Republicans in the state legislature, due to this rare and unique “second chance” given the people of Wisconsin, something almost never available in most states, and rarely successful in American history.

The only successful times were in North Dakota in 1921 and in California in 2003. Governor Lynn Frazier in North Dakota and Governor Gray Davis in California have been the only Governors successfully recalled, but neither had abused their position nor had been so confrontational and belligerent as Scott Walker has been.

If there was ever a time for a wholesale removal of political leaders in the legislature and the Governorship, it is NOW in Wisconsin. We will be cheering on the effort, hoping for a successful result on June 5!

The Recall Effort Against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Begins

After success in a recall effort against two Republican state senators in Wisconsin earlier, the move is on to recall Governor Scott Walker, who has seen his public opinion ratings collapse, and his national image rapidly decline.

The labor movement and progressives in the state of Robert La Follette Sr., the state of progressivism, has begun the gathering of signatures to put the question on the ballot. A total of 540, 208 signatures are necessary by mid January to set up a special election at the end of February.

There have been death threats against some people collecting signatures, and one can be sure that Walker’s patrons, the Koch brothers, will use all the money they have to attempt to prevent the gathering of enough signatures, and/or the success of the recall process at a special election.

IF this movement succeeds, it would be a great victory and lead to attempts at similar action against other “Bully Governors” who have taken a stand against organized labor and the progressive movement.

Let us hope for its success as a true example of democracy in America!

Major Blow Against Nativism: Russell Pearce, Author Of Illegal Immigration Law In Arizona, Is Successfully Ousted In Recall Election!

Yesterday was not only a great day for labor rights, women’s rights, and voter rights, but also for the fight against the bigotry and prejudice and nativism of those who have forced through state legislatures, including Arizona and Alabama, draconian laws on illegal immigration.

Russell Pearce, the author of the infamous Arizona law, was defeated by 53-45 percent in a recall election, in which his opponent, Jerry Lewis, a notice in politics, but also a Republican, ran against Pearce’s hateful, bigoted stand on immigration.

Lewis saw what Pearce and others are doing as wrong and politically damaging to the future of the Republican Party in Arizona and elsewhere, and thank goodness, common sense and common decency prevailed, and sent a warning to other bigots that their time of influence is fast coming to an end!