Capital Punishment

Open Campaigning To Be Trump’s Running Mate Should Disqualify These People As Unqualified To Be A Heartbeat Away From Oval Office!

First, we have Donald Trump and his disgusting, insulting campaign for President, out to destroy his opponents in the Republican Party, including now, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Now we have open campaigning by some of the worst possible people to be his Vice Presidential running mate, which should, in this blogger’s opinion, automatically disqualify them as unqualified to be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office!

We shall begin with Sarah Palin, the most obnoxious and moronic possible person to be a heartbeat away. but Palin, ready to work to dump Paul Ryan from the Speakership and his own Congresssional seat, has offered herself to Donald Trump as his running mate, as if she did not do enough damage to John McCain eight years ago. All she has done since 2008 is quit the Alaska Governorship, become a reality star, made millions of dollars on books that only stupid people would read, and had several embarrassing family controversies involving her son and her daughter! She might appeal to the lowest common denominator, the mob that cheers Donald on, but the thought of her being a possible President a second time around, is absolutely horrifying!

Then we have Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, who has been a total disgrace, promoting fracking in her state, which has caused thousands of earthquakes in the past few years; and who allowed the botched execution of a prisoner with drugs that did not work, causing writhing and tremendous pain, going against the concept of avoiding “cruel and unusual punishment”. Now this woman is openly lobbying to be Vice President.

Then we have Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, who causes one’s eyes to roll every time she opens up her mouth, and made clear she is ready to be Vice President if called upon.

And we have former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, one of the worst Republican Governors in modern times, who also made her pitch for the Vice Presidency.

And finally, we have former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who clearly has come across as lacking brain matter in a serious way, who had bitterly denounced Donald Trump in a manner that drew respect back in the fall of 2015, but now praises Trump, and made clear he would love to be Vice President, god forbid!

The four women mentioned above may be women, but they have NO qualifications to be President or anywhere near it, and pale in comparison to the outstanding qualifications of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

And Perry, well. . . ., haha you know this is Saturday Night Live material!

A Dozen Republican Governors Are The Most Horrendous In Memory!

It is amazing how so many people seem to believe that the federal government cannot be trusted, and that the true level of competence is state government–legislatures and governors, when the evidence is that, despite the many problems of the federal government, the state governments in many states is absolutely horrendous.

Both parties have their issues in state governments, but it is Republican governors which are particularly wretched as witness the following governors who have set records for the most incompetent and inhumane leadership:

Michigan–Rick Snyder, who has created a major health crisis in Flint, where the water system is totally lead polluted, and is responsible for the poisoning of many infants and young children, who will suffer effects for the rest of their lives.  For this, Snyder should be removed from office, and should be indicted and convicted and sentenced to life in prison, as effectively, he has destroyed thousands of young lives, through his decision to save money by forcing Flint to use polluted water systems.

Maine–Paul LePage, who has been totally off the wall in his rhetoric, and has displayed racism and other indications of insensitivity on a regular basis for the past five years, and faces a likely move toward impeachment and removal from office.

Kansas–Sam Brownback, who has totally bankrupted his state, and has cut education and health care coverage to dangerous levels  that undermine the state, all to cut taxes for the wealthy, and is a great example of a fake religiously devout leader.

Texas–Greg Abbott, who wants to take Texas back to the Civil War, calling for a constitutional amendment to forbid the federal government from having any influence or power over the states, arguing states rights will better protect the nation.

Florida—Rick Scott, who has refused to accept climate change as having an effect, even though his state is already seeing great evidence of the damage that the Sunshine state faces in the next 20-40 years, and also has done everything possible to undermine the lives of the poor in the state.

Wisconsin–Scott Walker, who has engaged in policies to undermine public workers and to destroy the reputation of the state as one of the most advanced states in the nation, and has also engaged in widespread political corruption on a massive scale.

North Carolina–Pat McCrory, who has managed to turn a progressive Southern state into one of the most backward, regressive states in America, one influenced by the corruption and move for dominance by the Koch Brothers in so many areas  of public policy.

Oklahoma–Mary Fallin, one of the most heartless and nasty state leaders, ignoring the growing number of earthquakes caused by the fracking industry, and totally committed to capital punishment even if there are no appropriate drugs to use for execution.

Louisiana–Bobby Jindal, who lost his Presidential ambitions, but set a record as a totally destructive and  heartless governor toward the poor of his state, and destroyed the public education system of New Orleans entirely.

Indiana–Mike Pence, who has caused a major health crisis over AIDS, by his refusal to address the issue of drug abuse, and has shown unwillingness to deal with the needs of those at the bottom of the economic system.

Arizona—Doug Ducey, who has shown total lack of competence or concern for the large number of Latinos in his state, and has shown evidence of corruption on a level that makes one wish former governor Jan Brewer was still in office, as bad as she actually was.

Kentucky—Matt Bevin, with no government experience, and a Tea Party activist, wishing to destroy the ObamaCare Medicaid system of his state, which was a model for the nation, but now is on the chopping block.


Capital Punishment In Oklahoma And Arizona: Obscene, Barbaric And MUST End Nationally!

The issue of capital punishment is always controversial, but with the reality that support for it is declining, and it is becoming much more difficult for states which allow capital punishment to gain the appropriate drugs to be administered, so as to avoid violation of the Eighth Amendment, “Cruel and Unusual Punishment”!

We have now witnessed the obscene and barbaric use of a mixed cocktail of drugs which set up what is barred–botched executions in Oklahoma a few weeks ago, and now today, in Arizona!

The inmate who was executed in Oklahoma took 40 excruciating moments to die, and today, it took two hours for the inmate in Arizona to die!

This is totally unacceptable, and the whole concept of capital punishment itself is despicable, and MUST end nationally, as it does not deter crime, and too many people are executed who have been on death row, a situation in which many have been exonerated of their crimes by DNA evidence!

But even if a criminal is truly guilty, the idea that America allows capital punishment when only a few nations do so, including China and Iran, makes us stand out as uncivilized, as compared to other western democracies in the world!

Governors Mary Fallin of Oklahoma and Jan Brewer of Arizona should be condemned for their hardline stand, amazing even more so in that to imagine women authorizing unconstitutional “experiments” with unknown cocktails of drugs is to make one wish to vomit!

It does not take courage, but rather lack of humanity, for these two GOP Governors to have allowed such a despicable example of violation of the Constitution of the United States!

The Arguments Against States Rights

Conservatives and Republicans LOVE to promote states rights, and for good reason!

It allows many states to deny their citizens the same rights and privileges and benefits that other states provide!

Historically, it allowed states to have slaves, when others did not.

Historically, it allowed states to promote segregation of the races, when others did not.

Historically, it allowed states to promote capital punishment, when others did not.

Historically, it allowed states to show no concern for the poor, while others did not.

Historically, it allowed states to exploit labor through “right to work” laws, while others did not.

Historically, it allowed states to exploit the environment for industrial benefit, while others did not.

Historically, it allowed states to victimize women and children, while others did not.

And now, it allows states to deny basic health care expansion under Medicaid and ObamaCare, while others do not.

And the states that regularly have been denying their citizens equal treatment under the law are mostly in the South, but also in the Great Plains and some Mountain states.

In other words, the most backward and regressive states, almost all Republican states in 2013, are showing lack of concern for the health and welfare of their citizens.

So states rights is a good thing? Not when one looks at the facts!

Texas Governor Rick Perry: The “Pro Life” Governor? NO, A Tragedy For Texas!

Texas Governor Rick Perry was a massive embarrassment when he ran for the Republican nomination for President in 2012.

He is the longest serving Governor in America, having succeeded George W. Bush as the executive leader of the Lone Star State at the end of 2000.

He has become infamous for ridiculous, insensitive, and moronic statements, and outrageous actions in office, including suggesting that Texas secede from the Union, as it did in the Civil War.

He has a reputation as a “Pro Life” Governor, but that appellation is a mockery of reality!

This is a man who refuses to accept Medicaid expansion that is fully covered by ObamaCare, and therefore, denies millions of poor Texans, many of them Latinos, any access to health care, and this is out of spite, not wanting to accept federal aid that would cost the state of Texas NOTHING!

Here is a man who has the record for the most death warrants and executions occurring under his regime, and brags about the massive use of the death penalty, setting a record for executions in American history, and having no doubts as to the innocence of any of the people on Death Row, who face death, with the state government resistant to reconsideration of cases, even with new evidence!

Here is a state where any suggestion of background checks or other protections against gun violence are ignored and ridiculed, with any Texan able to carry firearms into public places, including schools, bars, and restaurants, and the gun violence level is one of the worst in the nation!

Here is a man who vetoes a bill passed overwhelmingly by a GOP legislature, mandating equal pay for women, many of whom are single mothers who need to support their children!

And here is a man who wants, with his party, to destroy Planned Parenthood in Texas, and shut down nearly all abortion clinics in a state with 26 million people, and the largest state in area, with the exception of sparsely populated Alaska!

And here is a man who forces State Senator Wendy Davis of Fort Worth, opposed to this legislation, to conduct a filibuster under inhumane conditions, with no food, water, bathroom break, or ability to lean against or sit down over nearly a dozen hours, and her filibuster ended early, but opposition of supporters in the Texas State Senate galleries and halls of the legislature the only way to stop this massive assault on women’s rights, including control of their bodies! And now, Perry is forcing another confrontation, determined to ram through this despicable legislation, and in so doing, lecturing Wendy Davis and showing total disdain and lack of respect for her and Texas women!

This man is an excuse for a human being, and will go down over history as a true tragedy for the Lone Star State, and Wendy Davis or Julian Castro (Mayor of San Antonio), or some other Democrat needs to run against him in 2014, and end the Reign of Rick Perry over the destiny of Texas!

Good Riddance, Rick Perry! Don’t Let The Swinging Door Hit You On The Way Out!

So Rick Perry has exited the GOP Presidential nomination race, and not too soon!

An embarrassment to himself and his state, he made one start to admire another former Texas Governor, George W. Bush, which demonstrates just how mediocre Rick Perry proved to be.

Here is a man who:

1. Suggested that his state might secede from the Union.
2. Said South Carolina was at “war” with the federal government.
3. Called Social Security a “Ponzi Scheme” and a “monstrous lie”, knowing that he was lying through his teeth.
4. Proposed re-invasion of Iraq.
5. Said Medicare is unconstitutional.
6. Said President Barack Obama is a socialist, knowing that was a lie too.
7. Could not remember the cabinet agencies he wanted to eliminate.
8. Allowed a likely innocent man to be executed, rather than investigate the issue further, in order to show how tough he was.
9. Had miserable debate performances, showing lack of knowledge and details.
10. Has the thought that he might reconsider running for President in 2016, the ultimate example of narcissism and egotism.

Rick Perry, don’t let the swinging door hit you on the way out! Good riddance!

The Mississippi “Personhood” Ballot Initiative: A Threat To Women And Common Sense!

The state of Mississippi, infamous for its long history of extreme racial violence and discrimination, is now attempting by ballot initiative to take down Roe V. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision which allows women the right to control their own reproductive lives.

It is one thing to claim that a five month fetus is seen as a “person” which might be able to live outside the womb. It is another thing to claim that a fertilized egg is to be seen as a “person”, and to declare that using an IUD, birth control pills, or the morning after pill (RU 486), all contraception methods is murder. It is outrageous that doctors, nurses, and the women themselves could be brought up on murder charges if an abortion is used to save the life of the mother in a situation where the pregnancy endangers her existence.

It is ironic that Mississippi, the state judged the MOST RELIGIOUS, would be the state that has no concern for women’s rights, and treats women as being controlled by men, who have no concept of what a pregnancy does to a woman, and to take the sexist view that every act of sexual intercourse should lead to a potential child.

It is also par for the course that Mississippi has the most violent record of mistreatment of African Americans of any state, and should hold its head in shame collectively for having the gall to promote such an initiative! Also, Mississippi is infamous for having many more capital punishment cases than most states.

Mississippi, close to the cheapest state in its attitude toward the poor, is also demonstrating yet again that it only is concerned about the birth of a fetus, rather than the health and welfare of its women and its poor population!

What hypocrisy, but it demonstrates just how significant the issue of the Supreme Court is in the upcoming Presidential Election of 2012, as if the Republican nominee wins, the rights of women will be curtailed by right wing Court appointments over time, and we will be back to the level of back alley abortions and unnecessary deaths of women who will not allow their personal lives to be controlled by religious zealots and theocratic fanatics

The Lunatic Audiences At GOP Debates: A Total Disgrace!

What kind of country are we that we can have lunatic audiences cheering on crazy, nasty, cruel comments on issues involving capital punishment, gays in the military, lack of health care insurance, illegal immigration, and American citizens involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement?

It is shocking that people would cheer the number of people executed under Texas Governor Rick Perry!

It is unbelievable that people would boo a gay soldier who has served our country!

It is dismaying that people would call for letting a person without health insurance, who is seriously ill, to just die!

It is outrageous that people would applaud the idea of an electrified fence to keep illegal immigrants out of the country!

It is disgraceful that an audience would applaud that if people are unemployed or poor in a time of the Great Recession, the worst conditions since the Great Depression, that it is their own fault, and to condemn the marches and demonstrations of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has spread throughout the nation and overseas!

Have some Americans lost our common humanity, our rationality, our morality, in the name of self centered egotism, that all that matters is our own selfish interests, and to hell with basic common decency? We should mourn the deterioration in civility as a danger sign of the decline of our whole civilization!

Rick Perry Attacked From The Right: How No GOP Candidate Can Please The Lunatic Fringe!

Texas Governor Rick Perry seems to many like the ideal conservative Republican, except he isn’t!

This is further proof that NO ONE can ever fully satisfy the extreme Right Tea Party Movement, and that the Republican Party needs to tell the Tea Party Movement to go to hell in a hand basket!

Rick Perry is a horror to most sane people, what with his secession comments, his record on capital punishment, his attacks on the Obama Health Care Plan, his criticism of the Federal Reserve, his calling Social Security a “Ponzi Scheme”, and other outrageous statements.

But on two issues, he is correct: that the children of illegal immigrants, who are not responsible for being in America, should be given the same opportunity to in state tuition for a college education as children of Texas citizens, as long as they have been in the state for at least three years; and the decision to promote HPV vaccine for young girls in Texas, to avoid the danger of cervical cancer.

Perry has been vilified on these matters, and now has slipped in the latest Fox News Poll from the lead to number two behind Mitt Romney, but Romney should not sell his soul to the right wing, or it will also destroy him, and were he to win, his Presidency, as a captive of these nuts on the right!

The fact that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are now bitterly attacking Rick Perry is actually a reason to promote sympathy for Perry, but not too much. It just demonstrates why the Republican Party is not the alternative to Barack Obama, if one is sane and believes in having a “heart”, something that Perry was attacked for, but something we need more of in America if we are going to have a future we wish to be proud of!

The Obscenity Of GOP Debate Audiences: What Is Wrong With These People?

In the past two weeks, we have seen three Republican Presidential debates, and we have witnessed the obscenity of debate audiences.

What is wrong with these people?

In the first debate, the audience cheered at the mention of Rick Perry’s all time record of 234 executions of prison inmates while Governor, as if this is a great accomplishment!

In the second debate, when the idea of a person in a coma needing medical care but having no medical insurance was brought up, a few in the crowd yelled that the unfortunate gentleman should just die!

Yesterday, in the third debate, when a question came up about the end of “don’t ask, don’t tell”, and a gay member of the military was shown on screen, a portion of the audience booed him, and then Rick Santorum added insult to injury by suggesting that he would re-institute the policy if he became President! Why was there no respect for this man serving in the military and recognition of his sacrifices fighting for this nation, so that wealthier, privileged people do not have to serve?

What is wrong with these people,who have such hate, and take such SICK stands on capital punishment, health care, and gays in the military? Is this what we face if the Tea Party radicals gain control of the Republican Party?

Does the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan really want to gain the support of these whackos?

It is time for the party to repudiate these hate mongers, and for any further outbursts at future debates to witness ALL the candidates make it clear that they consider it reprehensible!

If they do not, then all of them deserve to be repudiated overwhelmingly by the American people!