“Bully” Governor

“Bully” Chris Christie Presidential Campaign Over: Good Riddance!

“Bully” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, an arrogant, rude, and nasty man, has seen his great ambition to be President destroyed by his staff, which is a reflection on him, ultimately.

A person is judged by the company he keeps, and the character of Christie has been evident to anyone who wanted to see it, but for some crazy reason, a lot of intelligent people have found him fascinating, which makes one wonder about THEIR character, that they can find him appealing!

The blockage of three lanes of the entrance to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, New Jersey, as a political payback because the mayor of Fort Lee would not endorse him, even though he did not need the endorsement, being ahead by 24 percent in the polls for the gubernatorial race, is a CRIME, far worse than someone steading money, or having a sexual affair!

Why is that? Because money being stolen is terrible, yes! And cheating on one’s wife or having an affair with a prostitute is terrible, yes! But neither affects human lives as blocking a road for hours over four days, preventing EMS from reaching people in medical need, or forcing children to sit on school buses for hours, with many unable to wait hours to go to the restroom, or people who lost out on a job interview, and others who may have lost their jobs for being late. These are REAL LIFE stories, about how what Christie’s staff did, can affect human lives, and this is absolutely inexcusable!

If Christie did not know, shame on him! And if he DID know, he should resign from the Governorship, and be prosecuted also!

This man would have been a danger in the Presidency, as his temper and lack of diplomacy and tact could have started a war.

On the domestic level, what happened in Fort Lee is the equivalent of the danger to life caused by a reckless President who commits troops to war for the purposes of his own ambitions!

Doesn’t this sound like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney?

Why Chris Christie Will NEVER Be President Of The United States!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has indicated he will run for reelection in 2013, an off year when only the New York City Mayoralty and Virginia Governorship compete for attention.

But with a new NYC Mayor and a new Virginia Governor to be selected, identity unknown, Chris Christie will be focused on more than usual, because he is a potential Presidential candidate for the Republican Party in 2016. He already leads Marco Rubio, Condoleezza Rice, Jeb Bush, and Paul Ryan, respectively, in a public opinion poll on 2016.

There are those who think Chris Christie might be the next President of the United States, but this author and blogger will explain now why Christie is NOT going to be the next President, for many reasons, in no special order. So here goes!

Chris Christie could very well be defeated for reelection by the charismatic Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker. It should be a competitive race.

Even if Christie wins a second term, he will not become President because:

1, He is much too outspoken, controversial, opinionated, to become our President. He rubs many people wrong, comes across as a bully to many, is crude and rude, and would wear thin in a Presidential campaign, with plenty of documentary evidence already available as to his unpleasant, annoying personality!

2. If he were nominated, he would not even be guaranteed to win his home state of New Jersey, which tends Democratic in Presidential elections.

3. He would be unlikely to win any Northeastern or New England state, except maybe New Hampshire.

4. He would not be able to compete in the Pacific Coast states or Hawaii.

5. He would have a rough time carrying Virginia or Florida, which Barack Obama won twice.

6. He would have a difficult time winning the upper Midwest or Illinois, but with some chance of winning Ohio and Iowa.

7. He would be unlikely to win Hispanics and Latinos in Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada, and would likely lose those states.

8. Christie might win New Hampshire and Ohio, and Iowa, potentially, but that would give him only 28 more electoral votes than Mitt Romney, a total of only 234.

9. Christie’s handling of the Hurricane Sandy situation helped him at that point, but will be forgotten by 2016, and will hurt him among mainstream conservatives, angry that he cooperated with President Obama, and took attention off Mitt Romney.

10.Christie is unacceptable on “social issues’ for his party base, issues such as abortion rights, gun control and acceptance of gay rights, although opposing instituting gay marriage in in New Jersey.

11. Christie has no background or experience in foreign policy, and imagine his personality on the international scene, where with his big mouth, he could cause grief in diplomacy big time! A gruff bully, which Christie is, is not fit to be President of the United States, although it may please the anti foreign tendencies of his party, who think the world is inferior to American “exceptionalism”!

12. This final point is not said in jest or ridicule, or designed as an insult, but to believe that we are going to elect a President as large as William Howard Taft in modern times is to believe in miracles, as Christie is a terrible model for health and physical fitness, and that will be to his detriment, right or wrong, in a Presidential campaign!

So forget about Christie’s own delusions of grandeur, as he is NOT going to be President of the United States in 2017!