“Bully” Chris Christie Presidential Campaign Over: Good Riddance!

“Bully” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, an arrogant, rude, and nasty man, has seen his great ambition to be President destroyed by his staff, which is a reflection on him, ultimately.

A person is judged by the company he keeps, and the character of Christie has been evident to anyone who wanted to see it, but for some crazy reason, a lot of intelligent people have found him fascinating, which makes one wonder about THEIR character, that they can find him appealing!

The blockage of three lanes of the entrance to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, New Jersey, as a political payback because the mayor of Fort Lee would not endorse him, even though he did not need the endorsement, being ahead by 24 percent in the polls for the gubernatorial race, is a CRIME, far worse than someone steading money, or having a sexual affair!

Why is that? Because money being stolen is terrible, yes! And cheating on one’s wife or having an affair with a prostitute is terrible, yes! But neither affects human lives as blocking a road for hours over four days, preventing EMS from reaching people in medical need, or forcing children to sit on school buses for hours, with many unable to wait hours to go to the restroom, or people who lost out on a job interview, and others who may have lost their jobs for being late. These are REAL LIFE stories, about how what Christie’s staff did, can affect human lives, and this is absolutely inexcusable!

If Christie did not know, shame on him! And if he DID know, he should resign from the Governorship, and be prosecuted also!

This man would have been a danger in the Presidency, as his temper and lack of diplomacy and tact could have started a war.

On the domestic level, what happened in Fort Lee is the equivalent of the danger to life caused by a reckless President who commits troops to war for the purposes of his own ambitions!

Doesn’t this sound like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney?

2 comments on ““Bully” Chris Christie Presidential Campaign Over: Good Riddance!

  1. dave martin January 9, 2014 3:37 pm

    Fast and furious, who knows how many murdered?
    Benghazi attack, patriots murdered, Buma coverup.
    Buma care, the casualties are only beginning to pile up.
    Sending troops off to die for a cause you do not believe in and have no confidence of.
    Save your ritcheous indignation.

  2. Ronald January 9, 2014 5:59 pm

    Dave, you really take the kool aid from Fox News Channel and the demagogic right wing talk show hosts, don’t you? 🙁 Bush had more attacks on embassies and loss of life, and ObamaCare is working out fine, and “fast and furious” is nothing, amazing. And it would be nice if you showed ability to spell, too! Head shaking!

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