Bristol Palin

Sarah Palin Will Be The Achilles Heel For Donald Trump, As She Was For John McCain!

Former half term Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska has reared her “ugly head” once again, now openly and vigorously supporting Donald Trump for President, and making a total fool of herself in her public speeches and appearances!

Sarah had been out of the public eye for awhile, other than the fact that her daughter Bristol had a second child out of wedlock, and just before her support of Trump became public, her son Track was arrested for domestic violence against a girlfriend, who he assaulted, threatened with a firearm, and was arrested in a very drunk stupor.

Not only did Sarah make an incoherent speech that made her look her usual STUPID, but she then blamed Barack Obama for her son’s situation, because she claimed that Track had PTSD from service in Iraq! While that is highly speculative, Track was in the military under George W. Bush, not Obama, who ended that war!  And does it mean that anyone with PTSD has a free pass to assault, and that all veterans with that condition, or otherwise, do so?

Veterans groups were outraged by the whole matter, and the idea that Sarah has a dysfunctional family, and spends her time making money spewing divisive comments and hate, is even more outrageous.

Sarah should go home and deal with her family and stop blaming Obama for a new low charge which is preposterous, that every soldier who does criminal activity, can blame it on the President.

Watch as Sarah Palin, who Trump says he admires and respects and might give her a position in his administration, becomes a burden to Trump, an Achilles Heel, as Sarah was to John McCain!

And since Sarah backed Trump, despite his ridicule of McCain for being a war prisoner in Vietnam, McCain needs to come out and condemn both Sarah and Donald, for their reprehensible behavior, as Sarah again proves she has no regard for the tremendous favor McCain did for her, making her his VP nominee.

McCain will never live down that mistake, unless he admits to it, and kicks Sarah to the curb as garbage not worthy of his respect or admiration anymore!


A Politician Applying For A Trademark: Sarah Palin Treads A New Path! :(

Sarah Palin and her daughter, Bristol Palin, have applied for their names to be trademarks to control all commercial use of their names.

Can anyone name ANY OTHER political figure past or present who has done such a loony thing as this? The author challenges anyone to come up with a name, and the answer is there are none!

Why does Sarah Palin feel a need to do this for herself and her daughter? It is obvious it is all for total commercial gain and to prevent the unauthorized use of her name or image, so it is totally economic in nature and self serving to the extreme! It also shows Sarah Palin is so supersensitive to criticism that she wants to put legal barriers against anyone who dares to challenge her empty, vacuous statements!

To top it off, the application for both Palins have areas that are not filled out, and it seems a difficult road to gain the trademark status they seek. If they cannot complete an application correctly and completely, that only adds to the image of total incompetence on the part of Sarah Palin!

It may also be a clear indication that Sarah Palin will NOT run for President, as she is making it clear that she wishes to exploit the economic advantages of the notoriety she has gained in the past two and a half years. She certainly cannot run for office, make millions of dollars, and only speak to Fox News and other supporters. She must actually show depth and understanding of the issues, both domestic and foreign, and not give just tweets or Facebook responses!

It is clear that many Republican leaders are shaking their heads in private, as they try to figure how to deal with the Sarah Palin phenomenon, a situation that no one can recall in the history of American politics! 🙁

Quinnipiac Poll On Republican Presidential Race Puts Sarah Palin Ahead!

A new Quinnipiac poll on the Republican Presidential race puts former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin ahead of four male opponents!

Palin leads with 19 percent, with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney at 18 percent, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee at 17 percent, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich of Georgia at 16 percent, and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty at 6 percent!

Palin has been on Fox News Channel; on the Learning Channel with her reality series “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”; and her daughter Bristol on Dancing With The Stars where she is one of three finalists in the season finale this week!

But being ahead is really a “death wish”, as invariably being ahead in the polls after the midterm election is a sign that leads to defeat for the nomination 18 months later! This has happened on a regular basis going back many election cycles!

What is most interesting about the top five in the race is that only Tim Pawlenty is a new face, as all the others are retreads from the past campaign, except Gingrich, who has not been seriously in elective politics for twelve years, and instead has been making a living by being a political commentator and author!

So don’t count on Sarah Palin making it all the way to the nomination, although her opponents do see her as a threat, and the attacks will come thick and fast as these different candidates announce their bids in the next few months to be the GOP nominee for President in 2012!

A Rare Agreement With Sarah Palin: Stop Ridiculing Handicapped People! :(

In a rare case where I agree with Sarah Palin, I am also outraged that the Fox Channel series, “Family Guy”, felt a need to make fun of a person with Downs Syndrome, and to have that person claim to be related to Sarah Palin.

This is not only ridiculing Sarah Palin’s child Trig, but all people who have mental handicaps.

Palin was outraged so much, that she decided to allow her daughter Bristol to speak for her instead, and what Bristol expressed about her brother and all handicapped children and adults is something any decent human being can agree with!

It is time to stop humor about those among us who are indeed, as Bristol expressed, wonderful, gentle, good people, who make those of us who are “normal” and make fun of them look really disgraceful and despicable.

Whether one has a relative or friend who is mentally handicapped or not, a judgment can be made about your character in a negative way if you feel a need to laugh at or ridicule those among us who are born with handicaps outside their control.

I agree with Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Let’s promote decency and compassion for those among us who are not as fortunate in how they were born 🙁