A Rare Agreement With Sarah Palin: Stop Ridiculing Handicapped People! :(

In a rare case where I agree with Sarah Palin, I am also outraged that the Fox Channel series, “Family Guy”, felt a need to make fun of a person with Downs Syndrome, and to have that person claim to be related to Sarah Palin.

This is not only ridiculing Sarah Palin’s child Trig, but all people who have mental handicaps.

Palin was outraged so much, that she decided to allow her daughter Bristol to speak for her instead, and what Bristol expressed about her brother and all handicapped children and adults is something any decent human being can agree with!

It is time to stop humor about those among us who are indeed, as Bristol expressed, wonderful, gentle, good people, who make those of us who are “normal” and make fun of them look really disgraceful and despicable.

Whether one has a relative or friend who is mentally handicapped or not, a judgment can be made about your character in a negative way if you feel a need to laugh at or ridicule those among us who are born with handicaps outside their control.

I agree with Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Let’s promote decency and compassion for those among us who are not as fortunate in how they were born 🙁

2 comments on “A Rare Agreement With Sarah Palin: Stop Ridiculing Handicapped People! :(

  1. model S February 17, 2010 10:33 pm

    did you actually see the episode? because they weren’t making fun of the downs stndrome in any way, infact quote chris griffin “people said you people were diffrent, or ‘special’ you’re not, you’re just like everyone else!” after she was a needy complete bitch, ridiculing everything chris did that she told him to do. excuse family guy for saying the handicapped are “just like everyone else”. aside from that, was sarah palin’s son offended? did he see the episode? did he give a shit? probably not. if the people that are “disabled” aren’t offended, then why should anyone be? i remember an episode of another show ((can’t remember if it was robot chicken, simpsons, american dad, or southpark)) that made fun of autism, i however being autistic remain unoffended, because shockingly, i don’t CARE if they poke fun at my “disability” another thing, you said “promote decency and compassion for those among us who are not as fortunate in how they were born” so, calling us “disabled” is decency? or is it “compassion” no, i call it INSULTING. ((emphisas, not yelling, don’t know how to do itallics)) now look, we may be diffrent in how we learn or how we grasp concepts, but does that make us “disabled”, in truth no. infact i’d venture to say i’m the smartest kid in your 9:30 AM class BEACUSE of my so called “disability” so, go ahead, make fun of autism, it doesn’t bother me because i know what it’s like, as long as you make fun of it accurately, it’s fine by me. just like anything else, the only thing that’s ever offended me on TV is jokes about rape, and that’s because that is a very serious thing, i know a girl who’s PRETTY screwed up cause of rape, so yes i do believe some things go too far no matter how you sugar coat it. but back to the point at hand, if sarah palin hadn’t made such a fool of herself on national TV maybe people wouldn’t be making fun of her. but you know, she thinks she’s SO important cause she was a vice presidential nominee. the ONLY “prestigious” title you get for LOSING. ((well presidential nominee too but you get my point)) think about it. she LOST the election because she looked so stupid, i mean she said she can see russia from alaska for odin’s sake. plus didn’t one of her daughters get pregnant as a teen out of wedlock? american dad made fun of that, why didn’t she blow a gasket over that? what about the episode of family guy “petarded” an ENTIRE episode dedicated to making fun of people with an IQ below 70? that didn’t bother her? why is she targeting and being outraged about this episode? you wanna know the truth? SHE can’t handel being made fun of herself. it has NOTHING to do with ellen ((the downs syndrome girl in the episode)) the ONLY reason she’s upset is because they made the “former governer of alaska” crack. the episode wouldn’t have bothered her if they had ommited it.

    that’s my speil, and i think it may be more than your blog post O.o oh well. ((don’t mind the lack of capitals, i didn’t really feel much like putting them…. too tired.))

  2. Tragidy of being handicaped is not resrved to paricular families.A person rediculing a handicaped forgets the fact that his or her next genaration may get the same handicap. Would any father mother brother or sister feel laughter when any of their family June 5, 2013 8:13 am

    Only the savage minded brutes could get glee when he sees the agony of a handicaped.

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