Day: February 6, 2010

The Crisis Of Hunger In America

New figures indicate that 37 million Americans have a shortage of food sources and have to count on others to survive! That is one out of every eight Americans (with a population of 307 million)!

This also includes one of every five children, who are therefore victims in larger percentage than adults, and can do nothing to better their lot.

When people are hungry and do without adequate nutrition, it undermines their health, and their mental well being, and that is even more tragic in children.

This may sound old to some, but how in a country that is seen as the leading nation in the world, can we allow such scandalous conditions on such a basic thing as food?

Hunger among so many is a crime against humanity, and it demands that instead of finding ways to blame people for being poor, that something be done to rectify the situation, and if that requires those who have more to pay more taxes, so be it!

We hear so much that we are a religious nation, so if that is the case, let the words stop, and the actions begin to deal with the issue of hunger in America!