Day: February 10, 2010

The Moronic Climate Change Deniers: Senators James Inhofe And Jim DeMint

Washington, DC and the Atlantic Coast from New York to Virginia are suffering from what is, at least in the nation’s capital, the worst winter season and snow totals in recorded history.

Florida had a sustained period of two weeks of very cold weather, which did great damage to agricultural crops, causing major financial losses.

This has encouraged climate change deniers, such as Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma and Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, both Republicans, to ridicule the idea of climate change, with Inhofe building an “igloo” as a gift to former Vice President Al Gore, the leading promoter of the concept of global warming. And Senator DeMint has been joking about Gore as well.

The problem with these two senators is that they do not understand science, as both are religious zealots who believe that there is no crisis pending, that no evidence is able to convince them of the need to plan for climate change in the future. They ridicule people like Gore because of the colder weather and heavier snow now going on, but the point of climate change is that it is not just warmer weather than normal, but also much colder weather than normal, which are scientific signs of the climate change crisis.

The fact that heavy rains and flooding is becoming more common worldwide, and that the icebergs at the North Pole are melting very rapidly does not dent their moronic brains.

Rather than prepare the nation and the world for the future, they would rather put their heads in the sand as an ostrich would, and only focus on the moment, instead of on the future when their children and grandchildren will face the climate change crisis and wonder why these stupid, moronic senators refused to believe scientific evidence and show some statesmanship in preparing for the future, as Al Gore and many others have been doing.

The ignorance of science is astounding, and the stupidity of these two senators and their ilk is mind boggling! 🙁