A Politician Applying For A Trademark: Sarah Palin Treads A New Path! :(

Sarah Palin and her daughter, Bristol Palin, have applied for their names to be trademarks to control all commercial use of their names.

Can anyone name ANY OTHER political figure past or present who has done such a loony thing as this? The author challenges anyone to come up with a name, and the answer is there are none!

Why does Sarah Palin feel a need to do this for herself and her daughter? It is obvious it is all for total commercial gain and to prevent the unauthorized use of her name or image, so it is totally economic in nature and self serving to the extreme! It also shows Sarah Palin is so supersensitive to criticism that she wants to put legal barriers against anyone who dares to challenge her empty, vacuous statements!

To top it off, the application for both Palins have areas that are not filled out, and it seems a difficult road to gain the trademark status they seek. If they cannot complete an application correctly and completely, that only adds to the image of total incompetence on the part of Sarah Palin!

It may also be a clear indication that Sarah Palin will NOT run for President, as she is making it clear that she wishes to exploit the economic advantages of the notoriety she has gained in the past two and a half years. She certainly cannot run for office, make millions of dollars, and only speak to Fox News and other supporters. She must actually show depth and understanding of the issues, both domestic and foreign, and not give just tweets or Facebook responses!

It is clear that many Republican leaders are shaking their heads in private, as they try to figure how to deal with the Sarah Palin phenomenon, a situation that no one can recall in the history of American politics! 🙁

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