Day: February 19, 2011

Sad Anniversary: FDR Executive Order 9066, The Internment Of Japanese Americans In World War II! :(

Today is the 69th anniversary of Executive Order 9066, requiring the internment of about 110,000 Japanese Americans, just two months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, simply because they were seen as a security risk to the nation due to their ethnicity and possible loyalties to their nation of origin.

This happened despite the fact that most of these people had been born in America, while others had become citizens or were applying for it, but simply their face and appearance was enough to put them into internment camps behind barbed wire and under military guard until early in 1945, they were ordered released, without any recompense for three lost years in what was basically a prison due to their national origins, not anything they did to deserve incarceration! 🙁

An all Japanese American military unit in Europe won more honors and recognition than any other unit in World War II, while their families were being mistreated in this terrible manner!

Only in 1988, the American government and President Ronald Reagan apologized formally for the forced internment, and arranged for the 50,000 survivors a lump sum payment of $20,000.

This horrible event ended just a day after the Supreme Court ruled that their internment was justifiable in war time, in the case of Korematsu V. US on December 16, 1944. The next day, the order went out to release them on January 2, 1945, even with the war not over, and many months left until the US utilized the atomic bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end the war in August 1945.

The memory of this injustice and violation of civil liberties should not be forgotten at a time when we have so many Islamic haters who wish to deny all Muslims in this country what all American are entitled to–basic freedoms, without any denial unless it can be proved that they are, as individuals, involved in terrorist or other criminal activity.

The Bill of Rights must be preserved, or our democracy is a mockery!

Public Employees And Collective Bargaining Rights: Going Into Reverse! :(

With the Wisconsin controversy fresh in our thoughts, it is very revealing to see a map of the United States and see the state of collective bargaining rights for public employees in the 50 states of the Union.

34 states guarantee collective bargaining, including all of the Northeast, New England, the Midwest, the Paciific Coast, some of the Mountain West, plus Tennessee and Florida, and also Alaska and Hawaii.

11 states have collective bargaining as “permissable” including West Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.

5 states have collective bargaining as explicitly illegal, all in the South, including Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Texas.

What a state of affairs that in 2011, after a century of labor struggles to be able to negotiate their working conditions, we are seeing movement in states such as Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Maine, New Jersey, and Florida against such labor rights!

We are progressing backwards into the 19th century! 🙁

The Extremist House Of Representatives: Totally Out Of Control, Even By Its Leaders! :(

Overnight, the House Of Representatives became the most extremist it has ever been, as even its leaders–Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor–could not control its fanatical movement toward budget cutting way beyond their wishes or any sense of reality! 🙁

Dozens of programs were cut, and many government agencies were slashed up to 40 percent in a mad orgy of striking out against the federal government!

The Republican Party, in so doing, abandoned any sense of sobriety or common sense, and set up a confrontation with the Democratic controlled Senate and President Obama, and it now looks likely that there will be a government shutdown which will affect every American, and be noticed within a short period of time after the deadline for extension of the budget, taking place on March 4!

The Republican Party is proving itself captive to the Tea Party Movement, and is showing itself to be anti labor, anti environment, anti women, anti children, anti poor, anti consumer, anti elderly, anti health care, anti education, anti public works spending, anti government agencies, anti space program, anti military even! 🙁

The country, in the midst of the Great Recession, no matter how much people deny it, is facing a House of Representatives which has no concern about the future of its own citizens, as extremist right wingers, who could be considered fascist in nature, hijack the “People’s House”! 🙁

This is a day to mourn, and the worst is yet to come, with the shutdown of the government imminent, and the chamber taking off next week for the President’s Holiday. And the Republicans are said to care about citizens? What a mockery of the truth of their agenda, which is just to continue to enrich those who have and promote extremist religious views! 🙁