Day: February 13, 2011

Indications That Right Wing Hate Talk Is Losing Its Following: John Avlon

It could be that the age of Right Wing Hate Talk Radio is starting to decline, as younger people are not drawn to that as much as older white people, who are drawn to it by their fear of Barack Obama and change.

Glenn Beck is losing listeners in key markets as he continues to spread hate and paranoia, making sane people realize how he is unconcerned about promoting hysteria and fear as long as he can make millions of dollars. There are some indications that Fox News Channel is starting to lose its enthusiasm for Beck, as well.

Rush Limbaugh is also losing support, as his maniacal behavior and ridiculous accusations, along with his pure disrespect of public figures, is beginning to turn people off.

Sean Hannity and Mark Levin are also finding less receptive radio audiences, and Hannity is seen as more hypocritical than ever, as he goes to Republican events and ties himself to the GOP propaganda line.

Rather than the propaganda coming from these and other right wing talk show hosts, more than ever those who listen or watch political shows want independent, intelligent analysis and political humor, which helps Jon Stewart gain a great following on Comedy Channel, as he shows the craziness and hypocrisy of these talk show hosts. Stephen Colbert is also very effective in demonstrating the shortcomings and narrow mindedness of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and others.

John Avlon, who first came up with the term “wingnuts” to refer to these talk show hosts and many of the Tea Party political candidates, is to be thanked for having uncovered the reality that the right wing propaganda is, seemingly, on a decline and will be far less significant over the next five years!

The Tragedy Of Revolutions And Wars: Destruction Of Historical Artifacts! :(

We are now discovering that one of the great tragedies of the Egyptian Revolution, overall seen as positive in tone, is the unfortunate destruction or stealing of historical artifacts.

This happened in Iraq after the US invasion in 2003, a real tragedy, as Iraq, of course, is the site of the ancient Mesopotamian civilization.

Now, apparently at least 17 artifacts have been found missing from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, including a statue of King Tut, and that is a tremendous loss that cannot be measured.

The problem with revolutions and wars is that it leads to lack of respect and reverence for our historical past on this earth, due to the total breakdown of law and order.

Just imagine the horror if America’s national treasures were to be destroyed or stolen, and realize the upset historians have right now that a researcher in the National Archives damaged a manuscript of President Abraham Lincoln, a pardon of a soldier with his signature, dated April 14, 1864, and changed to make it appear as if it was signed on the day of Lincoln’s death in 1865! 🙁

If all of us, both in this country and elsewhere, do not respect and revere historical documents, artifacts, and buildings in a proper way, then we have destroyed our heritage as much as damage to the environment affects the long run of civilization!

Hopefully, the stolen artifacts from the Egyptian Museum, including the statue of King Tut, will be recovered and still be in good shape to be put back in the museum to educate and enlighten future generations of both Egyptians and tourists from all over the world!

The Moderation Of John McCain: Return Of The “Old” McCain

Senator John McCain of Arizona has been transformed again, now back to the moderation he was famous for until he had a contested primary for re-election from former Congressman J. D. Hayworth in the midterm elections of 2010.

Highly critical of President Obama over the past two years, and generally very cranky and irritable, as well as mean spirited, and denying he had ever been a maverick, even though he called himself that for years, suddenly McCain is smiling and supportive in many ways of President Obama.

Now he feels that President Obama handled the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson masterfully, and also feels he has handled the Egyptian Revolution situation in am excellent manner. He has consulted recently with Obama, and suddenly, he is back to his old self that made him more appealing than most Republicans over the past decade.

Meanwhile, other Republicans, particularly many of those thinking of running for President, are finding fault with the approach of Obama, including Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, John Bolton, and others.

Isn’t it amazing how when campaigning for advancement politically, candidates will conjure up criticism and be hypocritical, while when the pressure is off, such as with John McCain in 2011, suddenly a charming, smiling, supportive politician recognizes accomplishment when it occurs! 🙂

CPAC Convention Demonstrates Total Division On 2012 Presidential Nominee

The CPAC convention this weekend in Washington, DC, again demonstrated total division on the issue of who to support for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination, as Congressman Ron Paul of Texas again won the straw poll with only about 30 percent of the vote, with Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts second with 23 percent, and everyone else way back in the single digits.

The chances of Ron Paul being the 2012 GOP nominee are zero, even though he had won last year’s CPAC straw poll as well. His views on removing America’s involvement overseas, while appealing to many, will never be the Republican platform in 2012, and his libertarian domestic views, while very appealing to a lot of young people at the convention and around the country, also has no chance to become standard GOP doctrine.

With Mitt Romney ending up second again, and having been first in 2007 and 2008, it may just be a boost to his candidacy, but still it is clear the race for the hearts and minds of conservatives will be a long drawn out battle over the next year.

With Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee not attending the CPAC convention, and failing to show up well in the CPAC straw poll, it also may help Romney, but it seems likely that there will be a lot of blood letting before any chance of unity, and indeed there is no guarantee of a united backing of any Republican nominee for President in 2012.