Day: February 7, 2011

Rudeness And Disrespect Toward President Obama: Bill O’Reilly’s 43 Interruptions In Pre Super Bowl Interview On Fox! :(

Fox News Channel talk show host Bill O’Reilly conducted an interview with President Obama last night before the Super Bowl.

President Obama was gracious enough to go into the “lion’s den”, a channel which has systematically distorted his life and record in office, and has spread rumors and misinformation on a regular basis to the American people! 🙁

Why he agreed to this interview is beyond the understanding of the author, as O’Reilly proceeded to interrupt the President constantly, never permitting him to finish even one answer without cutting in.

Altogether, O’Reilly interrupted Obama a total of 43 times, an unbelievable number! 🙁

Is there any excuse for this kind of behavior, a lack of respect and a demonstration of total rudeness, something never seen before in person with any President except this one? Sure, there were critics of other Presidents, including George W. Bush and Richard Nixon for instance, but NEVER in a personal interview with the President! 🙁

What kind of message does this disrespect and rudness and constant interruptions send to younger Americans, and really all Americans? Is it that it is perfectly fine to be disrespectful and rude toward authority? Do we really want that kind of lack of civility to be promoted by media people? 🙁

This kind of misbehavior by Bill O’Reilly should lead to an apology, which certainly is NOT forthcoming, and a decision by Obama to refuse to be interviewed if the respect for his office cannot be guaranteed!

A Politician Applying For A Trademark: Sarah Palin Treads A New Path! :(

Sarah Palin and her daughter, Bristol Palin, have applied for their names to be trademarks to control all commercial use of their names.

Can anyone name ANY OTHER political figure past or present who has done such a loony thing as this? The author challenges anyone to come up with a name, and the answer is there are none!

Why does Sarah Palin feel a need to do this for herself and her daughter? It is obvious it is all for total commercial gain and to prevent the unauthorized use of her name or image, so it is totally economic in nature and self serving to the extreme! It also shows Sarah Palin is so supersensitive to criticism that she wants to put legal barriers against anyone who dares to challenge her empty, vacuous statements!

To top it off, the application for both Palins have areas that are not filled out, and it seems a difficult road to gain the trademark status they seek. If they cannot complete an application correctly and completely, that only adds to the image of total incompetence on the part of Sarah Palin!

It may also be a clear indication that Sarah Palin will NOT run for President, as she is making it clear that she wishes to exploit the economic advantages of the notoriety she has gained in the past two and a half years. She certainly cannot run for office, make millions of dollars, and only speak to Fox News and other supporters. She must actually show depth and understanding of the issues, both domestic and foreign, and not give just tweets or Facebook responses!

It is clear that many Republican leaders are shaking their heads in private, as they try to figure how to deal with the Sarah Palin phenomenon, a situation that no one can recall in the history of American politics! 🙁

The Conflict On Gay Rights Among Conservatives: Creating Splits That Will Damage The Right Wing!

This coming week will see the gathering of the largest conservative advocacy group–CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference–in Washington, DC.

A long list of co-sponsors of the conference include the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, the National Rifle Association, and Americans For Tax Reform, along with over a hundred more organizations and movements.

But several major conservative organizations tied to the Religious Right are boycotting the gathering over the issue of same sex marriage, including the Liberty Counsel and the Family Research Council.

The villain in their minds is the grouo GOProud, a movement of gay conservatives, the second major gay Republican group, along with the Log Cabin Republicans.

GOProud beieves in limited government, individual liberty, free market economic principles, and a strong national defense, all strongly conservative beliefs, but the gay aspect of their group simply is unacceptable to social conservatives.

There will be about ten thousand participants in the CPAC gathering, and several potential GOP presidential candidates will be speaking, but the fact that a gay organization is a co-sponsor of the gathering is causing a split which can affect the whole conservative movement and the Republican Party in 2012 and beyond.

If the split lasts, that can only help the Democrats and Barack Obama, and only add to the GOP being the party which rejects gays, as well as Hispanics, not a winning vision for the long term future!