Rudeness And Disrespect Toward President Obama: Bill O’Reilly’s 43 Interruptions In Pre Super Bowl Interview On Fox! :(

Fox News Channel talk show host Bill O’Reilly conducted an interview with President Obama last night before the Super Bowl.

President Obama was gracious enough to go into the “lion’s den”, a channel which has systematically distorted his life and record in office, and has spread rumors and misinformation on a regular basis to the American people! 🙁

Why he agreed to this interview is beyond the understanding of the author, as O’Reilly proceeded to interrupt the President constantly, never permitting him to finish even one answer without cutting in.

Altogether, O’Reilly interrupted Obama a total of 43 times, an unbelievable number! 🙁

Is there any excuse for this kind of behavior, a lack of respect and a demonstration of total rudeness, something never seen before in person with any President except this one? Sure, there were critics of other Presidents, including George W. Bush and Richard Nixon for instance, but NEVER in a personal interview with the President! 🙁

What kind of message does this disrespect and rudness and constant interruptions send to younger Americans, and really all Americans? Is it that it is perfectly fine to be disrespectful and rude toward authority? Do we really want that kind of lack of civility to be promoted by media people? 🙁

This kind of misbehavior by Bill O’Reilly should lead to an apology, which certainly is NOT forthcoming, and a decision by Obama to refuse to be interviewed if the respect for his office cannot be guaranteed!

2 comments on “Rudeness And Disrespect Toward President Obama: Bill O’Reilly’s 43 Interruptions In Pre Super Bowl Interview On Fox! :(

  1. Dana February 8, 2011 10:05 pm

    It bothered me allot. Yes we know he doesn’t approve of Obama or his color but to point and cut him off as if Barry Goldwater is more intelligent and deserves more airtime than the president is so poor on his part i can honestly say i will never view Bill in a colorful light again. He should have been more restrained to this man. And his arrogant tone infuriated me to the point of madness. If his intention was to piss off an otherwise casual Independent. He sure as heck did.

  2. Speech Interupted April 27, 2011 9:14 pm

    I have very little respect for people who talk a lot more than they listen. O’Reilly is a prime example of a rude, pushy, insecure person. I think he is afraid to let people finish their points because he has no way to defend his opinions in a concise and effective manner. His behavior shows a real lack of maturity, inmy opinion.

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