Historical Documents

The Tragedy Of Revolutions And Wars: Destruction Of Historical Artifacts! :(

We are now discovering that one of the great tragedies of the Egyptian Revolution, overall seen as positive in tone, is the unfortunate destruction or stealing of historical artifacts.

This happened in Iraq after the US invasion in 2003, a real tragedy, as Iraq, of course, is the site of the ancient Mesopotamian civilization.

Now, apparently at least 17 artifacts have been found missing from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, including a statue of King Tut, and that is a tremendous loss that cannot be measured.

The problem with revolutions and wars is that it leads to lack of respect and reverence for our historical past on this earth, due to the total breakdown of law and order.

Just imagine the horror if America’s national treasures were to be destroyed or stolen, and realize the upset historians have right now that a researcher in the National Archives damaged a manuscript of President Abraham Lincoln, a pardon of a soldier with his signature, dated April 14, 1864, and changed to make it appear as if it was signed on the day of Lincoln’s death in 1865! 🙁

If all of us, both in this country and elsewhere, do not respect and revere historical documents, artifacts, and buildings in a proper way, then we have destroyed our heritage as much as damage to the environment affects the long run of civilization!

Hopefully, the stolen artifacts from the Egyptian Museum, including the statue of King Tut, will be recovered and still be in good shape to be put back in the museum to educate and enlighten future generations of both Egyptians and tourists from all over the world!