Ari Melber MSNBC

RFK Jr Brain Worm Revelation, Added To Everything Else, Disqualifies Him!

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr is disgracing the reputation of his extended family, and is clearly delusional in saying, as he did on MSNBC with Ari Melber last night, that he can win the Presidency.

The revelation of a brain worm years ago, and other health and lifestyle issues, and added to his crazy conspiracy theories, and anti vaccine looniness, makes him totally unqualified for the Presidency.

So far, he is only on a few state ballots, but insists he will be on all 50 states and DC ballots.

He was very argumentative and irrational with Ari Melber, demonstrating he cannot control his behavior, making him just as dangerous or possibly more so than Donald Trump.

He also acts as if he is “young”, when he is 70 years old, and has never held public office, in common with Donald Trump before 2016.

The gall of this unstable man, to think he is qualified, and that he will be the first independent candidate who can win, when even Theodore Roosevelt only won 6 states and 88 electoral votes in 1912 after having been President for 7.5 years, is beyond belief and credulity.