Trump Policy Of Separating Children From Parents At Border A Massive Violation Of Basic Human Rights That Must Stop

It is shocking news that Donald Trump’s government has made it a policy of separating young immigrant children, many of them babies and toddlers, from their parents at the border, when these people escaping gang violence, drug cartels, and bloodshed in Central America arrive at the checkpoints, and apply for safe haven status.

The Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency have become the center of mistreatment and lack of basic humanity and compassion toward these immigrants, while Donald Trump talks as if these mostly mothers and young children are terrorists, drug dealers, and rapists, as he has been doing since he announced his Presidential campaign three years ago.

The shock is even greater that it is now documented that at least 1,500 children, many of them infants, have been handed over to foster care at a crucial age, and the government has lost contact as to where these children are.

That means many may never be reunited with their mothers or fathers or both, and in many cases, are too young to even remember who their parents are.

The emotional trauma that these children are being put through, including those old enough to remember their family members, is incalculable, and is a crime against humanity.

It seems that many of these children may have been handed over by miscalculation, lack of concern, and corruption to criminal elements, human traffickers, who will sell these children on the international market, leading to potential sexual abuse and mistreatment, and in many cases, making them slaves to those who are illegally “adopting” them.

With all of the outrages Donald Trump and his administration have been engaged in, this action and the blunders and lack of concern coming out of it, in many ways is the most egregious legal violation and crime of all.

And this from a President who claims to be “Pro Life”, and is backed by extremist right wing Evangelical Christians who have no concern about the lives of immigrants, but only about abortions being prevented, and who has a wretched Attorney General in Jeff Sessions, is enough to infuriate one beyond belief.

Every day, Donald Trump becomes more Fascist oriented, and the urgency of removing him and his ilk from office sooner rather than later, is urgent!

Three Percent Of Planned Parenthood Funds Are Abortions; Three Percent Of ObamaCare Registrants Pay Higher Premiums: Massive Lie By Paul Ryan And Republicans!

The Republican Party in Congress is engaged in massive lies regarding health care, as they work to destroy ObamaCare.

They are out to defund Planned Parenthood, which does so much good for women and their health care, particularly for poor women.

And they are doing it on the lie that the primary goal of Planned Parenthood is to promote abortions, when the facts are that only THREE percent of the funds are used for abortions, while the vast majority is used to give poor women necessary physical examinations, including the prevention of cancer, and do basic health services that middle class and wealthier women never have to worry about obtaining.

Paul Ryan and his cohorts are also engaged in a massive lie that ObamaCare registrants are paying unacceptable higher premiums, when only THREE percent do so, as the rest get subsidies to help pay for their health care.

So the Republicans want to destroy the health care coverage of 20 million Americans who have benefited from health care, without any plan to provide affordable health care to these people who will be victims of propaganda and lies.

How can these people sleep at night, denying people health care which will, in many cases, cost their lives? Is this not the party of Pro Life, and of Christianity?

The Cory Lewandowski Incident Tells Us Legions About Donald Trump, And Why He Is So Dangerous!

Cory Lewandowski is the campaign manager for Donald Trump, and he has great problems in controlling his hands and his emotions.

He, clearly, grabbed journalist Michelle Fields and bruised her arm at the end of a Trump press conference, but refuses to admit it, and apologize, so a case of battery has been brought by the Jupiter, Florida police department, which has video evidence of what happened.

So a court case has begun, and Trump fully backs his abusive aide, who has shown temper in the past, and tells his aide to fight it all the way in court.

This is a sign of just how dangerous Donald Trump is.

He argues he does not want to ruin the life of his campaign manager, but he could tell him, just admit the transgression, apologize, and move on, as that is all Michelle Fields would ask.

But no, Trump is incapable of admitting any faults or errors, and also wants to sue, and hints at a counter suit against Michelle Fields!

This proves how crazy Trump, an entitled inheritor of wealth is, and he needs his comeuppance, and this, hopefully, along with his crazy statements about foreign policy, and his statement that women who have abortions should go to prison, will help seal his fate!

It is disturbing how no possibility of apology or admission of error ever comes from his mouth!  What will happen, god forbid, if he is President, and a blunder occurs, which he will be unwilling to confess to, and people will die, as a result?

It is also disturbing how he continues to promote disrespect of women, as he is a misogynist, and believes use of force in interpersonal relations, as well as foreign relations, is perfectly normal and acceptable!

Trump is out of control, and is the most dangerous Presidential candidate in all of American history!

I am publishing an article on History News Network to this effect on April 11, and it will be put on the blog under “Articles” shortly after for my readers who do not wish to access the History News Network website (hnn.us).

Marco Rubio On Barack Obama: Rubio Needs A Reality Check!

Marco Rubio said yesterday that it is NOT the lack of experience of Barack Obama that is at issue.

Rather, it is Obama’s viewpoints and policies.

So Marco Rubio thinks providing health care for all Americans is a bad idea, heh?

So Marco Rubio thinks we cannot and should not do anything legislatively to deal with gun violence, heh?

So Marco Rubio thinks it was a good thing to shut down the government, and create constant crises over the budget and debt limit, heh?

So Marco Rubio thinks women have abortions for “fun” and “profit”, heh?

So Marco Rubio thinks it is bad to have a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, heh?

So Marco Rubio thinks having an opening to Cuba is bad, even though Ronald Reagan dealt with the “evil empire”, the Soviet Union, heh?

So Marco Rubio thinks dealing with Iran in any form is wrong, and it is better to go to war against Iran without first trying diplomatic methods to gain our goals, as Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter,  and Ronald Reagan believed with China  and the Soviet Union, heh?

So Marco Rubio thinks working toward dialogue with both Cuba and Iran is wrong, but Richard Nixon established diplomatic openings to China and Bill Clinton to Vietnam, the latter a generation after we lost 58,000 military personnel, heh?

These are just eight areas where Marco Rubio thinks Barack Obama is wrong, but reality is that Barack Obama is correct, and it is Marco Rubio who is out of touch with reality and has a need to broaden his horizons and understanding of what is really important in domestic and foreign policy!


The Immolation Of Marco Rubio And Bob McDonnell For Vice President!

Two so called “front runners” for the Vice Presidential nomination on the Republican ticket with Mitt Romney have proceeded to immolate themselves in the past two weeks.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio became the co-sponsor of the Blunt Amendment, which would have allowed any employer on ethical or religious grounds to refuse to cover any medical procedure that he did not agree with on a health insurance plan. It was defeated by the Democratic majority, joined by outgoing Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine, who saw this legislation as the “last straw”, and decided to retire from the Senate in frustration at the total stalemate and gridlock that the Senate has become. By Rubio being so active in promotion of this outrageous amendment, it effectively kills him off as a potential GOP running mate, unless Mitt Romney proves to be totally crazy!

Meanwhile, Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia finally backed off on proposed legislation in his state that would have required any woman who wanted to undergo an abortion to have an invasive ultrasound vaginal probe exam, with the bill changed only to take away the invasive aspect of the legislation. This crazy idea makes Virginia look as if it is back in the Dark Ages, and destroys any semblance of McDonnell being a good running mate for Romney, unless again Romney goes totally insane!

It could be that both Rubio and McDonnell perceive that Romney cannot win the election, and that therefore, they would not want to associate themselves with his campaign, but if that is really believed, it gives both of them much more credit for their intelligence and foresight than they deserve!