Three Senate Republican Targets Whose Defeats Would Be Blessings!

The battle for control of the US Senate in 2025 is a very difficult struggle for Democrats, who have a one vote margin in the present Senate, but seem highly likely to lose that slight edge in the upcoming Senate elections.

Besides having to defend incumbents in Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, open seats in Maryland and Arizona will be difficult battles, and with West Virginia assured of a switch to Republicans with Joe Manchin’s retirement.

There are only three Republican targets that are possible switches to the Democrats, but all three will be very difficult to defeat.

In Florida, Rick Scott is opposed by Debbie Mucarsel-Powell; in Missouri, Josh Hawley is opposed by Lucas Kunce; and in Texas, Ted Cruz is opposed by Colin Allred.

All three Republican Senators are horrendous in their comments, votes, and basic personalities, the kind that are regularly demonstrating their lack of concern for their constituents, and motivated solely by ambition and desire to be controversial.

One comment on “Three Senate Republican Targets Whose Defeats Would Be Blessings!

  1. Wayne Johnson June 27, 2024 11:51 am

    (I do hope so. I would not want this Maryland Senate Seat to go and empower the Trump Republicans in this crucial Senate Seat.)

    A new poll shows that Republican Larry Hogan, the former governor of Maryland, is trailing Democrat Angela Alsobrooks in the state’s Senate race.

    The survey asked 635 Maryland voters and they are probably “cherry picked” from the Washington / Baltimore Corridor. A large voting count area that many times decides our elections, but I wouldn’t take anything for granted.

    Eastern Shore of Maryland and Western Maryland are a much different demographics.

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