Day: December 13, 2012

Chris Christie’s Weight: A Disqualifying Factor For The Presidency?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was asked last night by Barbara Walters of ABC whether his weight was a disqualifying factor the Presidency in 2016.

His response was negative, with the comment that he has done eighteen hour days, particularly in the recent Hurricane Sandy crisis which devastated the shoreline of his state.

But his statement does not remove the concern about whether the 50 year old New Jersey Governor is healthy enough to take on the burdens of the Presidency in four years, and for a theoretical eight years beyond 2016.

William Howard Taft was our heaviest President at 325-350 pounds, and is famous for taking long naps in the middle of the day, and being much less active than his predecessor, Theodore Roosevelt, and his successor, Woodrow Wilson.

Grover Cleveland was the second heaviest President at about 250 pounds, and no other President has been anywhere near as heavy as Taft and Cleveland. However, Bill Clinton did have problems with weight from his fast food habits before and during his White House years.

It is believed that Christie is far heavier than Taft, and it is a serious matter, as to whether he would have a long life span, and could handle the pressures of the Presidency with such an obesity problem.

At the least, it would have to be required that Christie provide detailed health information, and if he refused, a la Mitt Romney failing to provide detailed financial information, then he should be eliminated as a potential Presidential nominee, as we need a vigorous, healthy person running for President!

Census Projections In 2063: Four Of Every Seven Americans Will Be “Minorities”

America is rapidly changing, and when one looks ahead fifty years, the Census Bureau projections are as follows:

43 percent Caucasian–three out of every seven Americans

31 percent Hispanic-Latino–one out of every three Americans

15 percent African American–one out of six Americans

11 percent Asian American or Native American–one of out every nine Americans

So four of every seven Americans will be nonwhite, and the party which recognizes this is the party of success long term.

And right now, that is clearly the Democratic Party, NOT the Republican Party!