Day: December 22, 2012

John Tyler, Andrew Johnson, And Barack Obama

When one looks at American history and the conflicts that arise between Presidents and Congresses, it is clear that all Presidents have battles with Congresses over some issues, even when their party is in control of both houses of Congress.

Some Presidents are more effective than others in accomplishing legislative goals, and of course, some Presidents face an opposition party Congress control in both houses, and much more rarely, in one of the houses of Congress.

But when one looks at the depth of hatred and refusal to cooperate of the Republican majority in the 112th Congress, and probably likely to continue in the 113th Congress in 2013-2014, it makes one want to look back and see when did such hatred and refusal to cooperate become a general reality in our 224 year history?

The answer is twice before the present situtation with President Barack Obama–the times of President John Tyler (1841-1845) and of Andrew Johnson (1865-1869).

Both were Democrats put on the Presidential ticket of the Whig Party (in the case of Tyler), and the Republican Party (in the case of Johnson), to bring Democratic party votes to Whig William Henry Harrison in 1840 and Republican Abraham Lincoln in 1864.

Both Presidents Harrison and Lincoln died within weeks of their inauguration–Harrison after a month from pneumonia, and Lincoln by assassination six weeks into his second term.

When Tyler and Johnson, therefore, became President by succession, the party that had put them on the ticket as a balancing act electorally, totally turned against cooperation with both Presidents, considering them to be illegitimate successors, although constitutionally, legitimate.

So Tyler had battle after battle with Henry Clay and other Whigs, who were furious that he was President, and very little could be accomplished without constant battle,. There was also a motion to impeach Tyler, which, fortunately, went nowhere.

In the case of Johnson, things deteriorated quickily, and eventually, Johnson faced an impeachment trial on flimsy grounds, was found not guilty by the Senate, but had been weakened and repudiated, nevertheless.

In both cases, their major accomplishment was the acquisition of Texas under Tyler, and of Alaska under Johnson, the two largest states in land area.

The difference now is that Barack Obama legitimately won a majority of the popular vote twice, and still is rejected and mistreated by the Republican House, in a way not seen since the time of Tyler and Johnson!

The National Rifle Association Answer To Gun Violence: More Guns And In All Schools! Absolutely Insane!

The National Rifle Association answer to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre, and others that have happened on a regular basis, is that there should be more guns, and that all schools should have a uniformed police officer on campus to prevent bloodshed.

What insane ideas, as expressed by Wayne La Pierre, who could be regarded by many as our leading domestic terrorist with his refusal to recognize the need for the banning of assault weapons, background checks, waiting periods, and the prevention of buying firearms on line or at gun shows, without any check into the mental stability of the purchaser of weapons.

The Columbine Massacre of 1999 occurred despite the fact that an armed police officer was on the high school campus. No police officer can automatically be on site of the location of a shooting rapidly enough, and the danger of innocent victims being killed in the act of challenging a gunman is not being considered at all.

Also, the whole concept that a school should be an armed camp is a terrible message to send to young children, that with all of the anti terrorist actions of the US government overseas, we need to have guns everywhere to protect ourselves domestically,

Why not have uniformed police officers in every house of worship, every shopping mall, every movie theatre, every restaurant, every location in the nation? The cost, and the efficacy of such a move is clearly, something not considered by gun advocates.

Meanwhile, without regulation of any kind, we have 11,000 to 12,000 people murdered each year by guns, a lot more than died on September 11, and a lot more than killed in our wars in iraq and Afghanistan combined.

The NRA is not concerned about our welfare, but only about their profits for the Board of Trustees and officers, and the profits of the gun industry, which should be regarded as the death industry, as lives are not saved, but shed–including parents and children–the horrors of matricide and infanticide–as in the case of Adam Lanza.