The Crucial Wisconsin Recall Election Next Tuesday June 5: It Could Affect The Fall Elections!

Next Tuesday, June 5, “Bully” Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin faces a recall vote after only 17 months in office, only the third time in American history that a governor has faced recall, the other two times in North Dakota in 1921 (Lynn Frazier) and in 2003 in California (Grey Davis), with both of them being recalled.

This recall election is much more crucial, as Scott Walker has run a corrupt government, a government which has taken away labor rights and favored the wealthy over the average Wisconsin citizen, and allowed himself to be influenced by right wing interests led by the Koch Brothers.

If Walker wins, it will be a major setback to the progressive movement, embolden conservatives, including the Tea Party Movement, and the other “Bully Governors”, and could affect the state vote and the national vote for President and Congress in November.

This election is not to be taken lightly, and it endangers the fight against the extremists on the right, so we must push everyone who understands the dangers to get out there and vote, or else the price paid will be heavy!

Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee is worthy of the support of the national party and President Obama much more directly than has occurred so far. Bill Clinton may go out and campaign, and President Obama needs to take a stronger stand, and possibly his presence, in the next few days in Wisconsin.

This is the home of Robert La Follette, Sr.; his sons Robert Jr. and Philip La Follette; William Proxmire; Gaylord Nelson; Russ Feingold; and many others who have contributed to progressive reform in the past century.

Better to fight and lose, than sit back and allow regressive policies to be emboldened and affect the nation as a whole! We must not cave in, but instead, continue to fight for basic principles of fairness and equity!

2 comments on “The Crucial Wisconsin Recall Election Next Tuesday June 5: It Could Affect The Fall Elections!

  1. Engineer of Knowledge May 31, 2012 2:28 pm

    Hello Professor,
    I especially like this posting as I too see it very crucial to recall the corrupt and corporate bought Scott Walker.

    I just hope the Citizen’s of Wisconsin realize the true aspects and importance of this vote and not be misled by out of State Corporate “We are Citizens too” funded ads.

    Then again I just had a thought. If Walker does win and keeps up the worker’s abuse legislative mandates, does the Free Enterprise system still work and applied here? Say if I was a very good teacher or police officer doing my job well, wouldn’t I decide to move to a State that appreciates and rewards those professions with respect, dignity and honor.

    What I am saying those good and talented employees will eventually move and relocate to an area where a living wage can be earned with respectful treatment, leaving the “Lesser Than” behind to fill those ranks in Wisconsin. In the long run this is “Where Water Seeks It’s Own Level,” and the State Of Wisconsin will be the looser in the long run.

    I am thinking of those who escaped the economic enslavement of Company Coal Towns of West Virginia. Those with the intelligence, foresight, and clarity of mind, to move to other more economic opportunity areas leaving the illiterate, less intelligence, behind in those coal mines. Are these the type of people you would want for a workforce pool to draw from, teaching your children or policing the towns and neighborhoods?

    This is what Wisconsin is going to get should Scott Walker withstand the recall. Wisconsin was once better than this and still could be. It will all be left to the voters on June 5th.

  2. Ronald May 31, 2012 3:44 pm

    Wow, what a great commentary on your part! 🙂

    You are very incisive in pointing out the dangers of citizens staying home and allowing this type of abuse to be rewarded.

    I must say this is, by far, one of the best comments EVER put on this blog, and I congratulate you for your perception and understanding of just how important an issue Wisconsin is, for itself, and the nation at large! 🙂

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