Day: June 28, 2011

Why Not The Equal Rights Amendment For Women 40 Years After Its Origin?

The Republican Party has actively been promoting amendment after amendment to the Constitution in the past two years, and the thought has emerged that it is time to re-introduce the failed Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution, passed through Congress in 1972, reaching 35 states ratification by 1976, and then collapsing, with no more support, and failing of ratification by 1982, three states short of adoption.

Women have seen their fortunes change amazingly these past four decades, and are now the majority of the work force, attending universities at a higher percentage than men, and entering all of the professions in tremendous numbers, with them being the majority in more and more occupations.

Women have been “liberated” from the old controls that religion and conservative values put on them, and there are even many Republican women in the House of Representatives and a few in the US Senate.

So why not promote the adoption of the amendment which would put women into the Constitution directly, for only the second time, after the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote after a 72 year battle in 1920?

Even the arguments used by evangelist Jerry Falwell and conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, among others, no longer have any validity, as if they had justification at the time of the ERA!

These and other critics argued that passage of the ERA would:

1. Promote Lesbian marriage–which now exists in six states and Washington, DC.
2. Advocate Unisex public toilets–which now exist all over the nation in shopping malls and many hotels and other public restroom locations.
3. Allow the involvement in combat situations of women in the military–which now occurs on a regular basis.

With all of the great advancements of woman in the past two generations, this is the time to institutionalize what has happened by laws and by natural evolving over that time!

We should put Republicans on the line for a modern Equal Rights Amendment, make them stand up for human rights for women, at a time when Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are potential future Presidents! They, the other women in the Republican party in Congress, and the men of the party, need to show that they believe in true EQUALITY for women and have no problem making it a permanent part of the US Constitution, that they claim they revere!

The Supreme Court’s View Of Free Speech: SICK And Dangerous To America’s Future!

The Supreme Court majority has gone amuck with the First Amendment guarantee of “free speech”!

The Court backed the right of the Westboro Baptist Church to picket its anti gay propaganda at the funerals of Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans!

It allowed “Crush” videos that depict animal cruelty in the past term, the production of videos that show small animals being tortured or killed for the sexual gratification of viewers!

Now it allows minors to be able to buy and use violent video games that depict extreme violence, bloodshed, and promote war situations as acceptable for children, without their parents’ approval, claiming the rights of minors were being limited by the state of California!

The comparison was made to movies, television, and books that have depicted such graphic images, but video games have a far greater hold and impact on children than any of these, and supposedly, there are ratings systems on these forms of media!

So children cannot get sexually explicit material, based on decisions of the Court years ago, but extremely violent video games are alright. But, of course, tobacco and alcohol are banned at the same time!

These are inconsistent messages, and make it much more likely that we will see greater amounts of graphic violence, as now children not only often have parents who ignore the importance of their roles, but now government is looking the other way as well, not setting a standard for children, who do NOT have all the rights of adults, and should not have the right to purchase violent video games without the consent of their parents!

The standards of decent behavior have deteriorated further and further, to the detriment of America and its future!

Michele Bachmann As A “Serious” Candidate For President?

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has emerged as a “serious” candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 2012, based on her performance in the New Hampshire Republican Presidential debate two weeks ago.

With a weak GOP field, with no one else at this point inspiring, Bachmann comes across as charismatic, attractive, and with recognition that she really is NOT another Sarah Palin, but rather is a woman with real credentials as an attorney and an actual public record to assess.

Bachmann is very appealing to social conservatives, the Tea Party crowd, and fiscal conservatives, and she comes across to the average American as someone to watch.

But despite the above statements about Bachmann, she also comes across as highly ignorant in so many ways, and with views on social and economic issues that are literally scary!

Her ignorance has been shown in many ways, including a couple of months ago when she was referring to Lexington and Concord from the American Revolution being in New Hampshire, rather than Massachusetts.

Now, just yesterday and this morning, Bachmann has referred to her birthplace–Waterloo, Iowa– as the birthplace of John Wayne, the actor, rather than the birthplace of John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer!

She has also referred to John Quincy Adams, the sixth American President, as having been deeply involved in the American Revolutionary era, even though Adams was only NINE years old in the year of the Declaration of Independence, and 14 when the war ended, although at that young age, he did accompany his father, John Adams, to the peace negotiations in Paris for the Revolutionary War!

Bachmann is one gaffe after another, and while it is understandable that anyone can make mistakes, Bachmann has a history of showing ignorance often, and her view of economic, social and world issues is literally terrifying to thoughtful people!

Being a “true believer” motivated by evangelical Christianity makes one believe that Bachmann, were she to win the nomination of her party and the election, would be a total tragedy to American traditions and history, and a barrier to American progress!