Day: June 29, 2011

Grover Norquist: The Biggest Enemy Of A Stable Economic Future!

Grover Norquist is a name that most people will not know, but he is, at this point of time, the most dangerous man in America, as the biggest enemy of a stable economic future!

Norquist heads the Americans For Tax Reform lobbying group, the most powerful organization aggressively pursuing denial of ANY tax increases in any form for ANY reason. He does not care anything at all about the debt crisis and the urgency of dealing with the extension of the debt ceiling by August 2, which if not accomplished will cause a massive collapse of the American and world wide economy!

To Norquist, the goal is always to cut taxes to the bone, to “starve the beast”! Whether it is defense, social security, medicare, medicaid, the environment, education, health care, government agencies, or whatever, Norquist insists that government must live on less, despite the reality of the world we live in!

All government would have to cut spending by up to 40 percent immediately were we to follow the advice of Norquist, a totally irresponsible and reckless action! Unfortunately, the Republicans in both houses of Congress seem enslaved by his lobbying activities, and are committed to refuse to consider ANY tax adjustments, and so the die is cast, and we will be facing a far greater economic collapse now than in 2008, if there is not some bending on the part of Republicans!

As Barack Obama stated today in his press conference, both the Democrats and Republicans have to be willing to sacrifice some of their “sacred cows”, in order to come up with a solution. Some spending must be cut, but some tax increases and adjustments are also unavoidable!

The State Of The Republican Presidential Race

Here we are at the end of June 2011, and Michele Bachmann is gaining all of the attention in the GOP race for the Presidential nomination, due to her excellent performance in the New Hampshire Presidential debate two weeks ago!

It seems clear now that the race is down to a choice of Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman vs. Michele Bachmann!

Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty have self destructed, and Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum are not going anywhere!

Rick Perry and Sarah Palin are NOT going to enter the Republican race, and Chris Christie has made it very clear that he will not, while the former two continue to play games but take no moves toward running!

So we are in a situation similar to 1964 when the “Rockefeller” wing of the GOP could not take away the nomination from Senator Barry Goldwater, and the GOP had a landslide defeat!

Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman represent the equivalent of that old wing, although far less liberal than Nelson Rockefeller, while Michele Bachmann actually makes Barry Goldwater seem more moderate by comparison!

So IF the Republicans allow themselves to be hijacked by social conservatives and Tea Party activists, Michele Bachmann will be the Republican nominee and Barack Obama will win a landslide victory!

If they come to their senses and run either Romney or Huntsman, either has a real chance to defeat Obama, but upon taking office, either would be dogged by extremists that neither one would feel comfortable with, so they might wish they had lost, rather than won, as a President Romney or a President Huntsman would have a “shotgun marriage” with extremists in their own party!