Animal Cruelty Videos

The Supreme Court’s View Of Free Speech: SICK And Dangerous To America’s Future!

The Supreme Court majority has gone amuck with the First Amendment guarantee of “free speech”!

The Court backed the right of the Westboro Baptist Church to picket its anti gay propaganda at the funerals of Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans!

It allowed “Crush” videos that depict animal cruelty in the past term, the production of videos that show small animals being tortured or killed for the sexual gratification of viewers!

Now it allows minors to be able to buy and use violent video games that depict extreme violence, bloodshed, and promote war situations as acceptable for children, without their parents’ approval, claiming the rights of minors were being limited by the state of California!

The comparison was made to movies, television, and books that have depicted such graphic images, but video games have a far greater hold and impact on children than any of these, and supposedly, there are ratings systems on these forms of media!

So children cannot get sexually explicit material, based on decisions of the Court years ago, but extremely violent video games are alright. But, of course, tobacco and alcohol are banned at the same time!

These are inconsistent messages, and make it much more likely that we will see greater amounts of graphic violence, as now children not only often have parents who ignore the importance of their roles, but now government is looking the other way as well, not setting a standard for children, who do NOT have all the rights of adults, and should not have the right to purchase violent video games without the consent of their parents!

The standards of decent behavior have deteriorated further and further, to the detriment of America and its future!

Free Speech Gone Amuck: Animal Cruelty Videos Declared Acceptable! :(

The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, but lately, the concept has been distorted by the Supreme Court.

First, in January, in the Citizens United case, the Supreme Court, 5-4, declared corporations were persons who had the right to spend as much money on political campaigns as anyone, because that was freedom of speech. That decision has come under fire as allowing corporate intervention in campaigns without any limits, therefore manipulating and corrupting the political system. Legislation is being planned to modify this outrageous decision!

Now the Supreme Court today, by the astounding vote of 8-1, all but Samuel Alito, have decided that animal cruelty videos, such as dog fighting, is acceptable freedom of speech and it is not a crime to create or sell such videos!

It is hard to believe that all of the liberal justices went along with permitting abuse of animals as acceptable freedom of speech, and that Alito, a strong conservative, did the proper thing by opposing it, a sign of courage. For Alito to be separate from Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and John Roberts on a decision is rare, indeed, so he should be saluted on this particular case, although generally one is not very impressed by him overall.

Is the next case on freedom of speech to allow no prosecution of people who produce and sell videos showing abuse of women or children, or even the real life killing of unfortunate victims, what is called “snuff” videos?

Don’t we have the right to say that there are some limits on freedom of speech when it promotes disgusting, sick behavior that can cause the desire to reproduce it in real time by children and others who are introduced to such despicable conduct? 🙁