The Republican War Against Science And History

The Republican Party has become a “KNOW NOTHING” party, encouraging the population to believe myth and fable as fact.

In the field of science, the Republicans deny climate change is going on, despite harsh environmental conditions, including floods, fires, and tornadoes, along with extremes of temperature at all points of the year.

They also deny evolution, and instead profess the concept that the earth is about 6,000 years old, and that mankind walked with dinosaurs, the concept of creationism or intelligent design, with most Republicans arguing that it should be taught alongside evolution, even though creationism is a religious belief with no evidence of being scientific.

At the same time, Republicans love to argue their own version of history and government, totally distorting the Founding Fathers, the Civil War, the history of American capitalism, the role of American religion, American foreign policy, and Ronald Reagan! It is literally embarrassing how often Republican Presidential candidates and congressional and state Republicans misread history, and show their total ignorance and prejudice toward women, African Americans, immigrants, and labor!

The Republicans are busy spreading a propaganda view of human knowledge, and in the process, undermining America’s greatness! Knowledge is supposed to be power, but to the GOP, knowledge is a enemy of their distorted agenda to mislead the American people!

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