Census Makes Future Clear: America Is Becoming Much More Hispanic And Latino. So Get Used To It!

The latest Census Bureau statistics add extra evidence to the reality that America is becoming much more Hispanic and Latino, so the rest of America, particularly the Anglo white majority, down to 64 percent, had better get used to it!

One out of six Americans are now Hispanic or Latino, more than 50 million!

Hispanics and Latinos are having children at a much faster rate than any other group in America, and many young Hispanic and Latino students will be eligible to vote over the next decade!

The issue of discrimination against Spanish speaking citizens is coming to a head, and the reality is that IF the Republican Party continues to sow the seeds of hatred and prejudice, which they have been doing in many parts of the nation and in Congress, with the most obvious example being Arizona, they will soon discover that they are going to lose the future of American politics!

Republicans are fighting a rear guard action, which will boomerang against them in Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and other states that are seeing a massive increase in Hispanic and Latino population!

The Democrats have an excellent chance to control the future of American politics by continuing their open mindedness and reach out to not only Hispanics and Latinos, but continued understanding of the African American community, and appeal to Asian American groups.

White supremacy is rapidly on the decline, as by the mid century, the majority of Americans will be minorities, although the Anglo whites will be the largest minority in an all minority country!

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