The Age Of The Bully Governors! :(

The nation is now faced with the age of the Bully Governors with Chris Christie of New Jersey, Rick Scott of Florida, John Kasich of Ohio, and Scott Walker of Wisconsin getting the most notice.

Backed by big business corporations and the wealthy, and conservative activists, these and other bullies are staging a frontal assault on the rights of organized labor and the working class, and undermining respect and appreciation of workers who make our country operate, at wages and working conditions far less than they are entitled to–teachers, firefighters, police officers, prison guards, nurses, librarians, paramedics, sanitation workers and others!

The quality of life is rapidly disintegrating, not only for these dedicated workers who are taken for granted by most of the citizens, but also for the citizens themselves.

This new style of “in your face” bullyism is best exemplified by Chris Christie, who seems to think that politics is “my way or the highway!” 🙁

The thought that such a bully could be considered by many for the Presidency demonstrates how far we have declined in our politics! 🙁

Apparently, being a bully like Chris Christie, Rick Scott, John Kasich or Scott Walker is applauded, and being an uninformed, ignorant person such as Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann is also admired!

This nation is in deep trouble because of the low caliber of the opposition party’s icons in 2011! 🙁

One comment on “The Age Of The Bully Governors! :(

  1. Ray February 17, 2011 11:41 pm

    I think a recent comment from Kasich really exemplifies your point. When questions arose about the lack of diversity in Kasich’s all-white 20 member Cabinet, his response included the declaration “I don’t pay attention to my critics.” It seems to me that that kind of go-it-alone, unreflective unwillingness to consider and incorporate alternative perspectives is the kind of thing that has led to many of the country’s and the world’s contemporary problems. And as such it’s the antithesis of democracy. This kind of attitude in elected officials is reprehensible (at best).

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